Are Skull Scarves So 2006

  1. My Thomas Wylde scarf arrived today!! Yay, Im excited, but I dont want to look like a fool. Are they still okay to wear this season :tup: or not :tdown:? Really, it doesnt matter b/c I live in Memphis where only a handful of people know who/what Thomas Wydle is, but I just wanted your opinion. I'll post pics later.
  2. I still like them and I think skulls are in, even if everyone else says they're not :p
  3. Skulls are always very rock and roll, so I don't think they've ever been 'out' depending on how you wear them. I have my McQueen scarf and I still love it.
  4. I agree....I think you can still pull the skull look off. I just got my elux catalog and it had skull stuff in it.
  5. I think it still fits today's rock and roll chic look. Urban chic.
  6. It will always be in, it's an iconic look, very rock and roll.
  7. I think theyre a bit 2006 :S
  8. RichPrincess, I just had to laugh:roflmfao: I grew up in Little Rock so Memphis was the "Big City" for me and I actually drove all the way up to the Mall of Memphis to buy a suit for an interview for my dream job. (I got the job) Oh and how the "it" girls would drive up there for prom dresses and stuff.

    I love Memphis though - love it love it love it - but for BBQ and Beale Street - funny how when I was younger I thought it was the Fashion Capitol of the US.
  9. I just got my Thomas Wylde skull bag and think that skulls aren't "out".
  10. Memphis? Fashion Capitol?! Ha :roflmfao: never!!! Im so ready to leave. It's so boring!!! Tourist find it pretty entertaining tough. I find that people who move here from another city also find our city entertaining. Usually people who have lived here all their lives cant wait to get away, like me. I wanna go to LA where all the exclusive shops and boutiques are.
  11. I love my skull scarf as much now as when I bought it last year. If you like it, wear it with pride and don't pay attention to what other people think!
  12. I have some alexander mcqueen scarves and I plan on wearing them forever!
  13. Wear it!! I think that, with the right clothes, you can pull it off even if it's not all the rage now. I personally would get a lot of wear out of it!
  14. I want to get one for fall/winter and i will wear it as long as I like it, i really dont care what other people thin is in at the moment, you dont want to be like everyone else anyway, so you like it, wear it girl !!!
  15. Have to agree, but they still look great