are skinny jeans still in?

  1. hey so although I wasnt a fan of skinny jeans my mum recently bought me a pair and they are quite nice but are they still in? or should I return then? :shrugs:
  2. still in? LOL!
    It's not even Fall yet, they're just coming in I thought?
  3. Still huge in the UK, but they say high waisted ones may be coming back - YUK.
  4. Maybe somewhere else but in the States, the trend is just barely started.
  5. they just CAME 'in' so yeah theyre def still in.. theyre still on the rise
  6. Not many people can pull off the look... it will be hilarious to see the wannabees try...
  7. You know, its a cute look...on the right body.
  8. i've heard that nasty little rumor for years, hopefully it won't come true this year, either.
  9. Unfortunately, still an in look.

    These jeans kind of make me feel and look like a sausage though ! :yucky:
  10. i think skinny jeans are great for short people. they make my legs look longer. and the trend is just getting started over here in the states.
  11. They just came "in", so I don't think they'll be "out" soon. I saw about 3 people total wearing them since the trend started.
  12. yeah, absolutely, everyone wears them and i think this trend will continue a while.
  13. they came "in" last year in most of europe. and the higher waisted ones are arriving, i might try some of them. but they won't be properly high waisted on me because i have quite a high rise so they'll just look not obscene :biggrin:
  14. hehe well i just thought since kate moss has been wearing them for year now? and Ive been on holiday for 2months now - may be the days for skinny jeans were numbered? but doesnt look like it :smile:
  15. In and strong! I hope they stick around! They're my kind of look!