Are skinny jeans it?

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  1. It seems like everyone on here is talking about skinny jeans, what about boot cut? doesn't anyone wear that anymore?
  2. I do. I think I dont have the right frame (wide hips) for skinny jeans so I stick to boot cuts and wide legs (they are my favorite anyways).
  3. I find it very difficult to pull off skinny jeans - occasionally they're the go-to pant for me but typically I wear my bootcuts ;)
  4. I wear bootcut, mainly because I'm boycotting the "jeans inside your boots" trend that seems to be going on.
    Other than that bootcut has always been my favourite cut and it fits perfectly, so why look for something else? :amuse:

    No skinny or boyfriend cut for me. :nogood:
  5. I love bootcut and wear my Hudson's all the time!
    I do love all the cuts though and love skinnies in boots...
  6. I don't really wear bootcut that much anymore, but more women definitely should be wearing bootcut over skinnies. Just because it's on trend does not mean it flatters you in any which way shape or form!
  7. Yes, I also think fit overrides trend...
  8. I still have yet to break down and buy a pair of skinny jeans. Or even try a pair on for that matter. Even though I think the style looks so flattering on a significant amount of women, I just feel like it's not me. I swear by my boot cut jeans for everyday casual wear. And ocassionally still wear my trouser style jeans as well for a more dressy look when needed. Not sure if this is a fashion violation on my part or not?

    Maybe one of these days I will finally break down and try on a pair of skinnies for the 1st time...:thinking:
  9. The husband and I just had an argument about this the other day. I love the skinny jean look and went a little over board with buying so many. The husband, however, hates it. And I mean literally hates it. So, I broke down and bought some cute stylish boot cut jeans. I forgot how comfy having a relaxed pair of jeans was. lmao. I did have a heck of a time finding what I wanted in stores though. Everything everywhere was skinny cut.
  10. i love both but have been wearing my skinnies a bit more lately. however, some great boot cut/straight jeans are still very chic and i love them with the perfect pair of heels :heart:
  11. I don't wear bootcut too much anymore, but I have one pair from Martin & Osa that I love and they look great with chunkier, high-heeled winter shoes (like a clog-type sole, but not a clog, kwim?)

    I prefer the slim-straight leg over the skinny-tapered ankle leg. I only have a couple pairs of superskinny jeans and only wear them tucked into boots.
  12. i love skinny jeans for wearing with boots. way easier to tuck in, not to mention, a lot less bulkiness in the boot.
    wearing them with shoes isn't the most flattering on me since i am not tall, but i occasionally wear them with flats, as they are my only jeans short enough to wear with them. plus. i wear them with heels occasionally.
    i will always wear bootcuts though. then again, i wear all cuts. flare, straight, BF. i love jeans :smile:
  13. I do not love skinny jeans on me. I only have one pair that I wear occasionally, they are really comfy but I prefer my bootcut or straight leg jeans :smile:
  14. skinny jeans with straighter leg look better on most people, I love my J brand. I used to think you had to be toothpick thin to wear them, but I've seen some medium frame women who wear it well and stylish. taper leg jeggings-good with boots!
  15. A good balance between the boot cut and the skinny is the straight leg jean. Pretty much anyone can wear it. It's a bit more stylish right now than boot cut, but isn't as drastic as a skinny leg. I do like the skinnies inside boots though, but for every day jeans with shoes or ankle boots, I am loving straight leg.