Are skinny jeans going to be "in" for much longer?

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  1. I was just about to buy a pair and wasn't sure if this is a good investment at this point.
  2. i will wear it as long as it fits my frame...
    i think they are not trendy, KWIM
  3. I am wearing mine today :tup:

    I figure as long as it looks good on me, I don't care if it's "in" or not!
  4. I think they come back each fall and winter where as wide leg are "in" right now for spring and summer. If they look good on you I would say go for it!
  5. i think a cut that flatters you cant go out of style. look horrible in flares and im happy skinnies made their way back in. i think maybe the hype of them is dying down but i think theyll just stay around as an option like any other cut of jeans.
  6. i am wondering this myself. i think they will be in because i see them around still. skinny jeans are the only thing that look good with boots since i like to tuck them in!
  7. Skinny style pants were seen in Fall 2008 runways so yes, purchase those skinny jeans!

    Derek Lam

    Alice & Olivia

    Rag & Bone
  8. i dont think i'll ever go back to flares..
    i love skinnys!
    i hated wearing jeans before skinnys came back
    i think if it looks good on you, you should wear them
    i always see diff cuts that i would not wear still available even when the skinny "trend" came
  9. yep, FW 2008/2009 has lots of skinnies, so have at it. I'm happy they are still in. I'm finally able to fit the "nicely".
  10. skinny jeans will be "IN" for along time!! buy a apir!! I love my skinnies...
    I also wear flared ect. but my skinnies are my fav!
  11. I think they fast on becoming classic
  12. I wear whatever denim I look good in. That being said, I would never wear those wide legged trousers. I'd look stumpy and like a floating boat in that.
  13. I don't think they're considered very trendy especially if you aren't getting like skin tight jeans (e.g. J-Brand) even though I still wear mine. As long as you look good wearing them I think you should get a pair :smile:
  14. They're a classic since if you wear them right, they look so chic. But I'm not talking about the extreme versions such as the "so tight they could pass as pantyhose" jeans or the super decorated/embellished ones.
  15. viva la skinny jeans!

    im wearing my skinnies today ;] i think they'll always be in. i could never wear wide legged jeans.. my body type doesnt suit them,, so in or not, skinnies forever!