Are sizes not uniform in Chanel flats?

  1. I am a true 7 1/2 B American size shoe. I wear an 8 in Jimmy Choo. My Chanel flats, beige trimmed in black, are size 38 and fit perfectly. They are the same shoes as in this photo posted by Gigi615, here's the link:

    However, I recently tried on a pair of Chanel flats at Bergdorf that I loved but were too tight even in the 38 1/2. Has anyone had this happen to them? They won't stretch since the front and back are patent leather. Has anyone had to go up 3 (half) sizes in a Chanel shoe?

  2. i think the sizes for the ones in your photo are more flexible since they have stretch to them, but the patent leather ones are stiffer. i had that experience w/ a chanel pump that i bought in leather, but then the patent version of it in the same size was way too tight, especially in the width. patent leather will generally be stiffer. one time i was buying a pair of chanel pumps in patent at Bergdorfs, and the salesperson stretched them for me, but they ripped on the stretcher, and of course that was the last pair in my size. so i had to go up a size and put in 2 toe pads. total disaster!
  3. But the only place the flats I have stretch is on the top, not actually the length of the shoe. Knowing what we know about patent, I figured 1/2 size larger than my non patent flats...but it seems I need even bigger than that?

    OMG about the SA ruining the last pair of shoes in your size. Either they weren't made very well, or the SA had no idea how to use the stretcher. At least they weren't the last pair on the planet!
  4. true! now whenever i go there, i totally avoid that guy.

    i still think that those stretchy flats are flexible regarding size in length and width b/c they're stretchy overall - i could've done one of two sizes with mine. and i think they actually make their patent versions of shoes smaller than the regular ones. have you tried the classic flats? what size are you in those?
  5. I never tried the classic flats, but they didn't wow me on the table, whereas the "stretchy" ones were a bit edgy. The big plus was that they were extremely comfortable! The patent ones that I want aren't 100% patent. The sides are calf.
    The heel is patent and is a tiny bit higher than the usual flats, although it's still a
    flat. The box isn't more explanatory...just says "ballerines", which is what all their flats are called, I think.
  6. i think i know which shoes you are talking about. they are like $675, kinda scrunch up when you're not wearing them. i normally wear 5.5, 6 in classic ballet flats, but in those (if we are talking about the same shoe), i got a 7 to fit perfect, go figure!
  7. you know what's funny, i have the classic flats, which i totally love and recently trashed when i wore them all over india (idiot!) and also the scrunchy ones you have. the latter dug into my heels so badly at first that they were the most painful shoes i've ever owned! i brought them back to chanel twice to have them softened. even though the patent ones aren't patent all over, i still feel that when they have patent versions of shoes that also exist in regular leather, the patent ones run smaller. i think their patent shoes in general run small. that's what i've learned for what it's worth! i'm dying for a pair of silver (body) and black (toe) regular classic flats. i can't understand why they haven't made them when they've done them in gold!
  8. Savannah,
    Those sound like them! Do you still have the box with the style number? Is it this number? This is the number on the blue tag: G25754YO4608. Thanks so much.
  9. i'll check and see!
  10. Aimee, i have the silver and black in the ones you're talking about . retail was $630. here's what my box says:07A G25139Y04016. They say ballerines as well. I got these in 37.5, whereas I wear the classic ones in size 7. hope that helps!
  11. I have so many pairs of Chanel flats, including the classic flats, cambons and the stretchy ballerinas... some of which are pictured in Gigi615's photo.

    I'm a size 10, maybe a 10 1/2... but I have Chanel shoes in 40 1/2, 41, 41 1/2 and even a few in 42!! They all fit differently and the patent ones are the smallest of all. I always thought it was because patent doesn't stretch.

    My stretchy ballerinas are the most comfortable of all.
  12. ok, yes it's the same number, sorry took so long. have you bought them yet? i really don't recommend them because they are not very comfy after a few hours of wearing. and the price is $620, not $675.
  13. Ambrosered: I have the ones you mentioned, which are the very comfortable ones, in beige and black, not patent. I don't recall what I paid for them, something in the mid or high $500's, since I got them March 2007, but there's no price on my box.

    Savannah: Thank you for checking. So if I understand correctly, you had to go up 3 half sizes in them. You have a small foot, so I wonder who was able to wear the ones that were too small on you, LOL! I am waiting to receive the 39's. If they are no good, they'll go back. I'm confused about the price since at Bergdorf the box said $620, but they were on sale for 30% off. However, when I called Neimans (same owners) they told me $675. and NOT on sale! So, who knows if the person I spoke to knew what they were talking about.

    Jayne1 & others with multiple sized shoes in their closet: Doesn't it annoy you? Bad enough that shoes run differently from brand to brand, but I really believe and want shoes from the same brand to be uniform in size.

    I actually googled European shoe sizes and most charts came up showing an
    American size 7 1/2 to be a 38 and not a 37 1/2. So, how come all the shoes in my closet that are 7 1/2 also have on the box 37 1/2 and not 38?!?
    Even the shoe stores are stumped!
  14. i wear an 81/2 - 9 normal american sizing... ex, Nikes, Nine West... etc. I tried on a pair of classic ballet flats, it's the beige w black toe w small ribbon and I had to wear a 40?? i tried checking and 40= 10US???? i wear a 29.5 in guccis oh i dont know, why cant they have a uniform sizing...
  15. In jimmy choos i can wear 6.5-7, but in my louboutins, i go up to 8-8.5. go figure!