Are Shows Like "Supernanny" Ruining The Family ?

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  1. [​IMG]
    Supernanny Jo Frost: Could be damaging parents

    Child-rearing experts such as Supernanny and Gina Ford are damaging family life by undermining parents' authority in the home, it has been claimed.
    There was growing confusion among parents over how to bring up children because of the parenting advice 'industry', a leading sociologist warned.
    He said relying on techniques from the so-called experts could be destroying parents' confidence in their own child-rearing abilities, weakening their control over their offspring.
    Professor Frank Furedi also warned that the spread of the nanny state was adding to bewilderment among parents.
    Professor Furedi, a sociologist at Kent University, was among academics to challenge increasing interference in family life at a twoday conference at the university.
    He claimed figures including TV Supernanny Jo Frost, whose discipline techniques include the 'naughty step', portrayed mothers and fathers as incompetent.
    He said: "They basically assume the high ground - 'I am the supernanny, unlike you, the incompetent, bumbling idiot'."
    But he warned that the wealth of advice available, from Miss Frost and others including the no-nonsense author Gina Ford, risked demoralising parents.
    "Parents who don't believe in themselves are not going to be very confident," he declared.
    "The main thing is that it leads to estrangement. Mothers and fathers become estranged from each other and from their children. Rather than a family developinga strong sense of itself, it is looking too much to the outside."
    Professor Furedi, author of Paranoid Parenting and the Culture of Fear, went on to accuse Labour of politicising parenting.
    "Over the last ten years, virtually every aspect of childrearing is turned into a problem that requires their support or intervention," he said. "This undermines parents' confidence.
    "Targeting parents has become a national sport. New Labour politicians appear to take the view that almost every social problem is caused by bad parenting.

    "This allows failed politicians to avoid confronting their policy failures in health, education and community building."
    He also criticised as patronising advice booklets published by the Government. For example, a 'Dad Pack' published last year advised men not to have affairs during their partner's pregnancy.
    Professor Furedi added: "Parenting has become an industry. It's no longer about the relationship with your children, it's something for politicians and professionals to have an opinion about." Channel 4, which screens Supernanny, declined to comment on Professor Furedi's claims.

    Laura clark: Dailyfemail
  2. Child-rearing experts such as Supernanny and Gina Ford are damaging family life by undermining parents' authority in the home, it has been claimed.

    They must not have seen this show, those parents have no authority over their children, which is the reason they are calling for help.
  3. I can't agree. A lot of the parenting out there is simply atrocious. These people need ALL the help they can get before we have a generation of spolied, entitled brats with no sense of decorum or respect for others let loose on the world.

    In my opinion, these shows and books are simply filling the void that used to be filled with extended family and friends who could give advice and assistance. Life is so transient now that most people live far from any kind of support system (i.e. their own parents and grandparents) and they desperately need the outside help and perspective that experts can offer.

    I wish some of the people they've shown never bothered breeding in the first place however!
  4. :yes:
  5. I agree with Fabulousity, Supernanny wouldn't be there if those parents didn't need the help. I wouldn't see it as being undermiming, it's just giving them advice and tips for the future. Having children is such a big change to peoples lifestyle and I think it's great that people are asking for help instead of just letting the situation get worse.

    Some people aren't lucky enough to have family teach them how to cope with these things and I think the TV is a great way for people at home to learn these strategies too. It's not like she's saying that the naughty step is the ONLY way you should discipline your children, it's just offering another solution for when you're ripping your hair out after trying everything else.

    Jo Frost seems really helpful and caring towards those adults, she hardly assumes the role that she's God and they are "incompetent, bumbling idiots".

    Sorry for the rant, I just think it's such a negative way to look at it. Maybe the Daily Mail didn't have anything else to criticise today?
  6. EXACTLY. I totally agree. The problem with the families on shows like Supernanny is that the parents have ALREADY relinquished control of their kids, which is why they need outside help. Jo Frost is helping those parents TAKE BACK their authority.
  7. Very well-put.
  8. ^ Totally agree, Fabulousity, KristyDarling, etc... these kids are out of control and the parents are desperate to get that control back. The nannies come in, assess the situation, and give the parents tools so that they can be the leaders of the household.
  9. I see this show more as a help for the parents who obviously don´t know what to do ?? why their little beloved have become uncontrolable ??
    I am learning from this, as it shows that just by changing the parents behaviours you get to change the child, and what I usually see -in society- it´s the child who gets blamed...I mean these are so young children, the peer pressure hasn´t even come yet
  10. Also the naughty step is a good alternative compared to spanking or any physical violence.
  11. How could the show be taking away authority when it wasn't even there to begin with?
  12. So true! I think super nanny rocks! Those parents don't have a clue, so teaches thm invaluable skills.
  13. ^ totally agree. I mean honestly, some of the issues are unbelievable. actually, I catch myself to do the whole : come down to your child's level and talk in a low voice' thing (hahaha) but it is so much better than to scream etc. (my child is a baby so we are not at this stage, but hey better to start from the beginning). actually, it is just another 'expert' claiming that.

    i mean it is not like you will tell the driving instructor that they undermine your confidence when they just saved you from an accident by hitting the brake? everything is a learning process - of course if you are told you have to be bothered, you will be.
  14. I completely agree with the other posters. I am a mother of 5 and I cannot even watch those shows without wanting to smack the parents. They have relinquished all control to the small people in the family and they do need all the help they can get. It would be unwise of any parent in that situation to NOT listen to the "Supernanny". When kids are that out of control, it just gets worse and worse. Better to have an intervention and nip it in the bud, as they say, than to let those behaviors go because you have some pride issues. These parents are getting the help they desperately need and should hold onto every bit of advice for dear life. Ahhh, done.
  15. That is crazy. I have 2 children and have watched the show many times. She has some great techniques both me and my husband use. It makes our life much easier and our children are well behaved because of it.