Are saunas bad for your hair??

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  1. I recently started going to the sauna at least every other day b/c it's conveniently located in the girl's locker room at the gym that I go to. I love the way my skin feels afterward, but I'm wondering is the heat bad for my hair? If the heat from blowdrying your hair is bad...then isn't the sauna just as damaging? Silly question I know..
  2. No!

    The steam is actually really good for your hair. When I'm in the bath-tub, I always wear a shower-cap with my conditioner in for a while.

  3. But there's absolutely no steam in the's just dry heat...
  4. I would think the limited ammount of time spent in a sauna would be ok for your hair, you could always wrap a towel around it to protect it. Most of the damage from blow drying hair comes from the friction of the hair blowing around and the stretching and snapping from combing, as well as overdrying. I don't think a sauna is going to be that stressful to your hair.
  5. Oh sorry I was thinking about steam-room:roflmfao:

    Well theres not alot to think about really, its not like your gonna be in the sauna long enough for it to seriously damage your hair. Its only if you were gonna be in for long periods of time your hair would start to get dehydrated.
  6. not really, it just makes your hair feel like straw after.