Are SA's on commission?

  1. Never having worked high end retail, and since the cost of some of these bags is about as much as a car, are the H SA's on commission? I have met some awesome SA's that I usually ask for whenever I shop. However, if they are on commission, I will make sure that I only shop when they are there.:tup:
  2. It depends on the store.
  3. I have heard they are on pooled comission where a percentage of what is sold through the day is added up and divided among the sa's.
  4. Interesting info. I was under the impression that they were.
  5. My S.A. has told me they are not, but then I might usually be hitting up one of the stores that pools the sales.
  6. Some of them should be, i run some rugged with my scarf requests!! LOL:p