are sa's on commission now? more frequent texts, etc???

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  1. i only ask because i seem to be getting texts pretty frequently now. for instance, i ordered something online and an sa i met but had not yet purchased from recently texted me to say that she noticed i had ordered online and hoped i would deal with her in the future. don't get me wrong, i appreciate a helpful sa very much but i am not sure how i feel about them contacting me when they see i have ordered online. what do you all think??
  2. Wow. I would report her if I'm being honest because she basically asked you to give her the commission instead of ordering online.

    That's totally unprofessional.
  3. i wasn't sure how to take it. i think she was just trying to let me know that she would be happy to help in the future, but i was surprised that she mentioned the online purchase. not sure what to think.
  4. They make commission now. And I would feel totally uncomfortable knowing that a sales associate is tracking my purchase activity. It's creepy.
  5. So did she go in your profile to see what you ordered?
  6. i guess she must have. otherwise how would she know?
  7. Wow. I've never heard of that before. Weird that she is stalking your online purchases.
  8. I'm not receiving texts from my SA; but I recently got a note in the mail, with her card inside.
    I like to go in the store and look at things in real life; but I will order online if I want something.They deliver for free, and it saves my time and gas since I don't exactly live close to my store. I hope my SA won't hold this against me?
  9. Interesting. I haven't gotten any texts from my SA. I did although text her last week inquiring about 6 ring key holder and they were OOS but online had it. I just told her to contact me when they get it in as I do prefer to purchase from her.
  10. I only receive emails from my SA, never txts. Sounds like the SA is looking for a regular client, which is understandable, if not a little aggressive, since they now get commission too. Regardless, if you feel uncomfortable about it maybe you can ask her to stop texting you or ask her to contact you by different means? You probably don't want to totally cut her off as you never know when you'll need a good SA.
  11. I noticed a definite change in tone when I last bought in store a month ago. I mean I never had an issue with SA's prior but they all just seemed much more interested in me than usual. Not sure if its because of commission or not but I noticed this at the two separate stores I went to.

    As far as this SA contacting you if it makes you uncomfortable I would just let them know in a nice way of course.
  12. Yes, they recently switched to commission. There is another thread on this. I also noticed more pressure in the store.
  13. That is the part that bothers me--someone was paying attention to what you're up to, and then contacting you about it.
  14. I had this happen to me as well about a year ago. I got a card in the mail from an SA at my local boutique. I had called and had them send me an item that was sold out online. I have always purchased online because the boutique isn't that close and its more convenient for me The SA said she noticed I ordered online frequently and said she'd be glad to help me instead if there was anything I needed. I did contact her for a number of purchases after that. She would send me pics of things which was nice cause I could check them about before buying. Lately, when I contact her about items i'm interested in, she doesn't respond very quickly so I've gone back to ordering online. And by very quickly, I mean it could be a week later or not at all. Not sure what to think of it.
  15. I agree with you. I ordered something kind of limited from a boutique in saks a cpl months ago. I got her card and she said to email her with any questions. I have a cpl times with stuff she may know about and aside from the first email I got back from her saying she didnt know the product I was talking about I haven't heard from her since. I've only sent two so it's not like I'm bothering her (I hope), but when I found out about the commision I thought I'd hear something.
    Also, 99% of my purchases have been online.