are SA's / boutiques okay with buying pre-loved?

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  1. If anyone has bought anything pre-loved have you taken it into a store and told your SA it was bought pre-loved / or have you ever been asked by an SA about your pre-loved goods?

  2. I do talk to my SA about it. I also know 99% that my pre-loved item was authentic. It's just nice I get that 1% affirmation.
  3. I don't think they would mind. I mean at one point, it was brand new just like all our bags. And I would think that owning pre-loved is just as good for the business instead of not being able to buy anything LV at all.
  4. Amen! Me too :smile: Well said :tup:
  5. Yes! my SAs are always surprised to learn how much preloved pieces can cost.
  6. I've shared my finds before. I think the beauty of a brand like LV also lies in its sustainable nature. The products last for ages, and I think they should be sold on if they can better be used elsewhere. It allows people like me to own multiple products and explore the brand without going into debt.

    Plus, buying pre-loved is kind of comparable to buying in another store or country. From a sales perspective, it's either from your SA's store or it's not.
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