Are sample sales normally this bad?

  1. i found out this armani exchange sample sale at the last minute but managed to make it there around 9:15am today (doors opened 9:30am until 3:30pm) (location: Secaucus, NJ) - it was a one day sale.

    they only let 90 people in every 30 minutes. my sisters and i patiently waited in line for almost 2 hours. as soon as the security guy opened the door for my batch, some lady zoomed past everyone and totally cut the line! the j*rk did it so quickly that really, no one had the chance to react until it was too late (d@mn linecutters!). we were already off to a rough start.

    when we got in, there were very few left on the tables. the slick (or incredibly selfish?!) ones just grabbed as much as they could and stacked them in one corner - as if they were going to buy all of it! but they didn't. they examined each one and picked out all the good stuff before putting them back on the tables.

    my sister was looking at a nice belt when some lady snatched it from her! my lil sis didn't really care so she let it go. but what if that happened to me with something that i was seriously considering to buy? i probably would have tackled her to the ground!
    30 minutes later, the "bouncers" started (forcefully) "guiding" everyone to the cashiers - our time was up.

    i bought about 8 decent shirts at $10/ea, a pair of jeans for $20, and a couple of belts and a pair of swim shorts at $5/ea.. it would have been great - except, 2 of the shirts that i bought actually had irrepairable holes :sad:

    i've only been to one other sample sale (le sportsac) where i actually had a good time. the le sportsac sale was very crowded (2 women actually passed out while they were waiting to pay) but there were a lot of good (not damaged!) stuff for everyone! almost everyone left with 2 big shopping bags full of merch! there was no snatching of bags from other people's hands, no speed shopping - none of that! that is why i was so disappointed with the armani exchange sample sale...

    is this how all sample sales go? i hope not :sad:
  2. wow, that sounds horrible. I have never been to one to be honest. I rather not to go to the stores the day after Thanksgiving either (black friday). I dont really know why, I know you get the best deals but still it is a PITA. I went to my Macys one black Friday because I wanted to buy all these things for my Christmas tree, it was crowed but nobody really went after Christmas goodies but me, lol. Everyone was holding so much, its so annoying when they get as much as they can but the are not gonna buy it. They dont leave anything for the other ones, but I guess this is how it works.
  3. It's funny you mention this becuase one of the two that passed out was my friend. I went to check if the employees found the bag I liked, since another employee held, apparently the one and only, for herself. When I came back I found her in the middle of passing out and in pain. It was a scary experience but at the end, we got the bags we loved :okay:

    Back on topic, not all sample sales are as bad as the armani one. Some are very organized and civil, whereas some are barbaric. You should really see the wide-eyed women surrounding one table as they see an employee holding a big box of mysterious samples, then crowd around and scream and pull on any bag they can get their hands on as the bags fall from the box in the air in the Botkier sample sale. And that person that snatched your sister's belt was very very rude :tdown: Hopefully, you'll get to enjoy some better sample sales in the future.
  4. No, they're not all like that.
  5. I've never been to one but I've heard some pretty bad stories like yours.
  6. That sounds bad. Most of the sample sales I've been to are okay. The lesportsac was good compare to a Jimmy Choo and Prada....
  7. It is possible to have wonderful experiences at sample sales. However, sometimes it can be a miserable thing w/pushy rude people overcrowded into a super hot room. I was tempted by this sample sale but decided to pass for multiple reasons, one being the whole 90 ppl at a time for 30 minutes thing. Tipped me off that it might be a very unpleasant situation. Don't give up on sample sales though, they're not all bad.;)
  8. oh, one other thing that i forgot to mention, armani never gave me a reciept - unlike lesportsac. in my particular case, i think the cashier miscalculated by $5 to my advantage. the way the cashiers were doing it (mental math), the tables could have been turned easily to their advantage and there was nothing i could have done about it coz other than not having a reciept, after you pay, you had to leave and the security guys closed the doors behind you.

    but i think that there's still hope! i'll wait to go to a third one and that'll probably decide my sample sale shopping fate :smile:
  9. That sounds terrible. Stuff like that takes the fun out of it. I agree with Crylater...I don't shop on Black Friday any more either! Too much nastiness.
  10. As a veteren of NYC sample sales for some twenty years I will tell you that they are a crap shoot so to speak. Some good, some not so good but you will always have the aggressive shoppers no matter what. Here is my tried and true best advice: go early, wear a small messenger bag around your body so your hands are free (plus some make you check your bag), plan on not trying anything on. If you see something you like, grab can always edit later. Many people are now shopping for eBay resale...they are the most ambitious. YOu just have to be focused and decisive and have a little time on your hands. Really nothing you can do about the rude has definitely become worse with the whole eBay generation...some are really selling this stuff for their livelihood. My theory is to be assertive, not aggressive and be able to make a quick decision.
  11. sample sales rock! I love being a NYer :yahoo:
  12. I wholeheartedly agree.
  13. This was my first season of NYC sample sales and I had a mixed experience. The DVF sample sale was the first, and there was an appalling crowd. it was so packed you could hardly navigate the aisles, the lines for dressing room and cashier coiled around the store and through the aisles, also blocking the racks. But there was really good stuff, and I also made the mistake of going around "lunch break" time. Second was Proenza Schouler. I went 20 mins early, and they let me in no problem. The clothes were beautiful and very very good prices, I got a blazer for 100 and a bustier blouse for 120. Lastly, was Prada. It was very picked over by Thursday, but there were a few good shoes left. No handbags and not much fun. Overall, go early early early, keep your hands free with a shoulder bag, and wear leggings or something fitted so you can try on clothes in a public place if you need to. But don't give up, some sample sales are so wonderful and you'll get great clothes.
  14. i really don't mind waiting in lines, or being in a crowded place - especially if i am rewarded by a good purchase.

    i did wear a waist bag (did i just hear a few sighs in the background? lol), yes, dear tpfers, a waist bag :smile:

    good idea about the leggings! i'll remember to dress light and show up early next time i go to a sample sale.

    thanks for all the tips!
  15. Ladyluxe and kalodie1 have some really good advice. I ditto what they both said. I am a NYer and love, love sample sales. I have done Nine West to Manolo with a little Hermes, Prada, Kate Spade and Ferragamo in between. If you can't arrive at a sample sale at least 1 hour before the doors open you should proceed with caution. The one day sample sales are the hardest since they are only one day. I hope that your next sample sale is a better experience