Are sample sale schedules consistent year after year?


Mrs. Darcy
Oct 24, 2007
This is for you who have all been RM fans way before the RM forum exploded (and that is quoting GUNG -- who is probably responsible for influencing at least 75% of us now RM fans).

I know there was a sample sale last January, and that there may be one next month. What were the timelines for this much-awaited event last year, as well as the year before (if anyone knows?)? Just wondering if we could also make a "standard schedule" to be posted here, like the discount codes post that has been stickied up there. Thanks in advance, ladies! :heart::smile:


Bag (and shoe) lady
Oct 27, 2006
Sometimes they are consistent and sometimes not. Botkier and DVF usually have theirs at the same time every year, usually even the same week, but other places have them at different times. I haven't got a handle yet on how RM does it but I get the sense that she does it at times she needs to clear out new merch and it's not quite as regular? But I don't know.


~Happy Tot~
Oct 18, 2006
Great Lakes
You may want to check the hotspot thread. I know there has been a bunch of talk about the sample sales there and Rebecca herself replied. I am not sure if that will have the info you are looking for but it may:shame: I myself don't know the ss schedules but would also love to know if they are at a set date each year.