Are sales a joke?


May 7, 2007
I was at chanel today for their summer sale and saw the same fish earrings that were on sale during winter.

They are original pricing 155 when i first saw them and were on sale for 135 in december ( i was so close to buying them then) I waited and on monday this week i asked about the sale and the rude ladies said they don't know what will be on sale, another lady walked out, smiled at me and began to point out the shoes and accessories on sale and i saw two pairs of the fishes.

I returned yesterday to pick up my presold gucci items. and peeked into the chanel boutique, saw the same mean lady and those fish earrings. They were on sale alright. supposedly 40% but the price on the tag was showing and i saw $260 on the tag.

THAT means, even with 40 percent off, its not the real original price of 155. WHATS UP?

Are sales a joke? I just bought a black mono pochette from gucci on sale for 309, my bf scoffed, saying theres no way that pochette couldve been over 500 regular price.

whats going on? and which places if any do this kind of trick? :cursing: