are rouge even around?

  1. I have a first in rouge.

    My best friend wants one now too, shes a little late on the Btrain.

    where the heck can I find a rouge first?? I have tried all over california and still nothing...are then even still in stores? I am afraid of ordering over the phone from someone who might not be as familiar with rouge b.c they might send me vermillon :yucky:
  2. If you would like to be sure about the Red I would call BalNY and speak with one of the experienced SAs.

    They will know the difference in colors...although I don't think there are any new around.

    She could wait for the F/W 07 which has a deep red in the collection to be sure.
  3. I got my Rouge VIF box from Aloha Rag recently. Try them!
  4. Thanks,

    has anyone seen any around?
  5. Which season Rouge do you own/looking for?

    Rouge Theatre? Rouge Vif? '04 True Red?

    There's a Rouge/Cinnamon(?) coming out for the Fall Collection (next month or so).
  6. There might also be some vermillon left in stores from the S/S collection. As Incoralblue stated, a new red will be coming out soon, if you want wait.
  7. I was going to ask the same thing. Are you looking for Rouge Vif?
  8. refers to Rouge Vermillion as Rouge.
  9. yes, rouge VIF, is what I have and what I am looking for!
  10. I guess u have try ur luck on eBay and i think personalshoppers is currently listing the rouge first if i'm not wrong....good luck
  11. ^ your right, she is!