Are Rose and Burnt Orange too similar?

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Rose and Burnt Orange.. Too Similar?

  1. No way! They are totally Different!

  2. Yep.. They are similar..

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  1. #1 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    I am in love with my new Rose Leigh.. but when I got home I noticed that it is very similar to the Burnt Orange... or am I crazy?


    I am trying to not have a million bags anymore.. Are these different enough to keep both ?

    I know they are different colors but they are close to me.. in a way.. what do you think?
  2. Verrrrrry similar!

    sooooo beautiful though... so keep em both.
  3. The colour is sort of similar. But if you only have one of each style (one leigh and one ergo satchel) then I say keep both. But if you have more than one of each style then I'd say return one.
  4. :yes:I think they are similar.
    I'd keep the burnt orange Ergo. More versatile IMO and way lighter than the Leigh!
    They are both beautiful!
  5. Similar in color but the styles are so different. Keep them both if you can.
  6. I voted to keep them both. Totally different styles and one is pinker definitely. BTW, what bag is in your siggy line?
  7. ^^ thats a Botega Veneta - Large Veneta

    I am thinking that I should keep them both... I love orange and the rose kinda orangey pink
  8. I love the leigh....I miss her so much. I keep trying to find one, but I don't think the outlet is going to get anymore. :crybaby:
  9. I think because you have them right next to each other they look more similar than they are. The Rose does have a slightly orange/peach undertone to it, but not the same as the Ergo.
  10. I voted to keep them both. I think the burnt orange is more fall/winter and the rose is more spring/summer. I think they are different enough to warrant keeping them both.
  11. they are similar but not the same. the style makes them different enough to have both too!

    the rose leighs on the bay look very rosy though! is it purely from lighting?
  12. I have both bags, and I don't think they are similar at all! JMO, though!
  13. I'd keep them both, totally different IMHO :yes:
  14. I think you should keep both if you can also. The colors are both in the orange family, but the Leigh is more of a salmon than an orange, plus the styles are sooo different. I'd keep both. It's okay to have similar colored bags in different styles!
  15. Both are lovely! I would keep them both!