Are Reissues actually lambskin??

  1. gets me thinking, is reissue in lambskin? cos it's definately not Caviar, can reissue owners confirm this...thanks.
  2. definately not caviar...
  3. When I got my black reissue from Nordstrom. I was told that it is lambskin. That was a year and a half ago so I don't know if that's doesn't feel like caviar leather to me.
  4. It is lambskin, but distressed, I believe.
  5. My grey reissue is calfskin and I think the others are, too but I don'tz know about the patent which leather they're.
  6. its lambskin!!
  7. it's distressed calfskin, not lambskin
  8. Dear all, thanks for the info
  9. Ok, I am confused as everyone is giving different answers
  10. yep! its distressed calfskin indeed :yes:
  11. Distressd Calfskin
  12. ^^^I guess that is why it wears so well. I thought it was lambskin as well.
  13. distressed calfskin
  14. Yup,distressed calfskin,wears fantastically!!
  15. Wow! Good to know. I had always thought they were lamb for some reason, so I stayed away.
    Uh oh. Now I might need a reissue.