Are Red Croc Birkin 35 hard to get? What about White Togo 35?

  1. I was on vacation few weeks ago in Hawaii and saw Red Crocodile Birkin 35 and White Togo 35. I didn't pull the trigger since Croc was way out of my budget :wlae:and I'm too clumsy to carry anything in white.....

    Are these hard to come by? I am having second thought that I should've bought the croc....:throwup:
  2. I've heard crocs were hard to come by. Just curious, how much was the croc?
  3. Red Crod Birkin 35 was little over $32 K. Its too late b/c it was gone the next day but just wondering if I should grab it next time I see it even if its not my color since I really want a croc birkin....
  4. I would have to say no you definitely should not grab it. Especially if it is not your color and not in your budget.

    Be patient. If/when the time is right the bag will find you.
  5. ^Perfectly stated!
  6. ^ITA with the ladies. You should get what you like.
  7. the most imporant thing is the bag should be your dream color and you should be comfortable with the pricing.

    dont feel pressured into buying something just because it might seem rare. people are usually not happy with impulse buys