Are Re-Issue bags still reasonably easy to find?

  1. I'm from Canada, and I live in a city without a store that sells Chanel. I have been wanting a re-issue bag for a long time, and I'm wondering if it will be difficult to find one. (Planning ahead for Christmas!) I am looking for a black bag with gold hardware, and I'll consider any size. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!! Thank you!
  2. I've heard rumblings that the "reissue" style will be out again in gold hardware with black--but it's not clear what kinda of leather will be used.

    As for the "original" reissue with black leather, gold hardware and the stamped 2.55 2005, they can be a little hard to track down. But there seem to be a few floating out there at various department store locations, mainly Neiman Marcus. Would you be able to purchase from the US and have it shipped to Canada? That's probably your best bet, otherwise it's ebay-which personally scares me!
  3. They had the cell phone size one at Saks on 5th Avenue in NYC last week. It was the 2005 special edition.
  4. I love the cell phone size ones, I have two! Black with gold and grey with silver. They are stamped with the 2005 mark and can be worn as a messenger.
  5. Thank you for the info, wickedassin. E-bay scares me too. I might have to start calling NM locations.

    Allinthebag, I didn't know the re-issue came that small!!! I want a larger one, but thank you for letting me know!
  6. The cell phone size is really cute, but I would rather have a "handbag" size. Thanks for posting the picture, Rose!
  7. Which size are you looking for?
  8. Well, I guess I don't really know! I haven't ever been in a store that sells Chanel, :crybaby: so I am trying to learn here! I'm sorry for not knowing what the size numbers are!

    I would like a practical sized bag, so I guess that would be the large. I would prefer to be able to use it for day as well as evening.

    I'm just hoping there might be a few bags out there somewhere--I hope--I hope!!!
  9. If you want a 227 in gray stamped 2.55 2005...My SA has one that she is holding...
    If ANYONE wants it PM me and I will give you her name and Number