Are purses your most expensive addiction?

  1. Or do you have another one that's even worse?
  2. Luckily. Yes :smile: So I can have total devotion.
  3. This is it for me- thank goodness. We'd be broke!! :smile:
  4. Yes! Thank goodness!
  5. Not if you include my vehicle fetish. At one point I'd had 5 new vehicles in five years! I went from a cutesy car to a sedan to a sports car to SUV back to sports car now a coupe. DH says I'm ridulous :wacko:
  6. Bags are definitely my most expensive items.
  7. Yes!
  8. No, unfortunatly its coats and boots.
  9. Yes, thank goodness! :lol:
  10. Unfortunately (for my parents) I also love watches and shoes.
  11. shoes too!
  12. only purses! :biggrin:
  13. Also shoes !

    And technology.. ugh, also not cheap.
  14. Love shoes too--but have yet to spend as much on shoes as I do on purses... Jewelry too!
  15. Yes!
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