Are purses cheaper in South Asia?

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  1. With the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and currency from Thailand/Malaysia/Indonesia/Phillipines, is it possible that designer purses could end up being cheaper there? I've always wondered that. Do they mark up the prices proportionately with local incomes or to that of tourists?
  2. I believe prices in Asia are more expensive. Another board member mentioned 100% luxury tax in one country (the name escapes me), and for instance, countries like Japan have huge price differences.

    The resale market is pretty popular in Asia though, so consigned bags may be cheaper.
  3. In Malaysia, it can go 20-30% more than US retail. This is from my own comparison, they might differ by brands.

    I would think Singapore can be equivalent or cheaper to US, due to many duty free luxury shopping, plus tourists can redeem back the Govt Service Tax paid for the items right before they leave the country.:biggrin:
  4. Hi all

    I've not been to the Phillipines.

    I know first hand that in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, designer bags are priced at least 20-30% higher, most anything imported is priced that way.

    Here in Singapore, designer bags (European) are either cheaper or about the same prices on US websites. US designer bags or clothes are a little more expensive than US prices.

    Most fashion houses here have at least 1 sales event a year and the discounts are 10-50% off. Most fashion houses or departmental stores have member/discounts cards that give you 10% for regular/latest arrival. LV, Chanel and Hermes, never have sales or discount.

    Hong Kong's prices for handbags are very competitive and during their summer sales, there is a wide selection of sales items with great discounts and more brands to choose from (especially clothes and shoes) than in Singapore.

    best regards
  5. What mya said.....yes, ANY item you purchased that Goods and Service Tax was included (GST), you may get a refund at the dept store's customer service ounter (for boutique corners) or shopping mall's info counter or at the airport when you leave Singapore. This is for tourists only. Your receipts will reflect the amount for GST.

    You may get all this information at info counters upon your arrival at the airport.

    best regards