Are Purses Cheaper In Europe?

  1. I'm planning on going on vacation to London and Paris, but I want to go in style. Just curious if there is a price difference between buying a purse here versus over there?
  2. Hi. Definitly, definitly, definitly, buy on in the US now. I am from NY, but live in London and they are SO much more expensive over here. Because the dollar is so low over there now your money wont get you nearly as much over here. Just to give you an example, there was a Tabitha handbag that I looked at here. She is an english designer, so I figured it would not be cheaper in NY. But, it was 250 pounds here, which is like 500 dollars, and in NY it was 328 dollars! Its a bit better in Paris, but the Euro is still significantly higher then the dollar, so its still better in the US. Hope this helps.
  3. I think it's still worth shopping and seeing what's in stores there (you can't go to Paris and NOT shop!!! :amuse:, but like manayiotos said, the dollar is so weak that especially in Europe things will be expensive.
  4. yes i cannot stress enough that you should do your major shopping in america because it is VERY expensive in europe & the uk. mostly because of the weak dollar. £1 = $2, and about €1 = $1.50

    those are approximations but you can see that you would get better value buying things in america. but definitely browse and buy little things. but as for purses...i would say no

  5. Thanks!
  6. i didnt bother reading the responses but im sure everyone is saying do NOT buy over in Europe - weak dollar/strong euro
  7. Like the girls said already, the Us is cheaper at the moment because of the $ especially UK is more expensive than the Euro-land.
  8. Cheaper in U.S. due to our weak dollar. Read the article Megs posted on the blog for more info.