Are purse people mental?


Are purse people mental?

  1. Yes, tPF is chock full 'o nuts

  2. No, purse people are just pursuing a harmless hobby

  3. Ask me later, I'm too busy organizing my closet to talk to you now!

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  1. I've been wondering this for a while now and I'd be interested to get you guys' take. I've noticed that a lot of us are OCD, or clean freaks, or are just downright mental. Is it me or has anyone else noticed this? Is it possible that certan personality types become purse people?
    I hope no one takes offense. I consider myself a purse person and the million and one bags in my closet arranged by size, color, material, and season suggests that I'm as nutty as the best of 'em.
  2. Yea, I think we will all end up in the place with the padded walls:p
  3. lol I've also noticed that there are a lot of super-genious intelligent people on this site too.
  4. i am on skype with my BF and i just said to him that i will take out all my bags out of boxes and dustbags tomorrow and have a session with them cos i have been only using two for the last weeks and i miss the rest so much ...his reaction is not exactly quotable ;)
  5. Oh yes, purse people are definitely "mental" the shoe gals on the forum, they are the sane, balanced ones. Nothing wrong with "us".;) Anyway, got to go, I'm just arranging my shoe collection according to heel height, colour, brand etc. oh and I have to introduce my new Roberto Cavalli's to his new friends.:p
  6. not me, oh well not yet!
  7. Yes, pretty much. But only to a healthy extent.:sweatdrop:
  8. Absolutely in our own special way!
  9. Hmmm. Interesting theory. My DH teases me that I am like Monica Gellar on Friends. In our home there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I love to organize my closet, I love to organize all our rooms. And my bags must be organized inside or I just lose it. I cannot function in squalor. So yes, maybe you are on to something here....:yes:
  10. Ohhhhhh yes!!!! I'm crrrrrrrrraaaaazy!!!!!! I honestly think it's like any other addiction. Can any of you say you are content w/ the purses you already have? Nope, and if you can, you're not a purse-person.
  11. It is an that only true purse addicts can understand. Most people I know don't really get it and think I am just plain nuts. We are definately a different breed!:tpfrox:tPF members are a great bunch of enablers!
  12. No. But I'm biased.

    Then again I do spend 10 minutes every day rearranging my desk. And I refuse to let a crumb or drop sit on the table for more than 1.45849 seconds. And don't get me started on how everything has to be perfectly even.

    Oh, what the hell.
  13. ^^^^^:roflmfao:

    speaking for myself, unqualified yes.
  14. We are all :wacko: for bags.
  15. My b/f laughed when i mentioned the thread. His answer was YES they are mental.