Are products from authentic?


Apr 10, 2006
can someone tell me if the chloe paddington bags on the website are authentic? I just received my bag today and it appears to be real. I also paid $800 for it and would hate to pay that amount if it is not real.

what are some of the signs of real vs. fake??
Can you take pics of the bag so that the other members can do an authenticity check for you? I am not an expert on Chloe, but there are several members who can definitely help you out- and I know that posting pics will really help (many people don't like to discuss what they look for when authenticating because they don't want the scammers to use such info to make better fakes). One thing that I have heard over and over again is that price is a good tip off. Why would a retailer sell a bag which retails for $1500 or so for only $800 if it is NWT? Usually, if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

Just post pics and I know that someone will be able to help you for sure! Another thing you might be able to do in the meantime is call a Chloe boutique and ask if the serial number is legit. And I would post a thread in teh Seller Watch section!!!!

I truly hope you are just lucky, and did not purchase a fake!!! Good luck!!!!! Keep us posted!
there are some unbelievable fakes out there. Im so sorry to say if you purchased from you have got a fake bag. I would do everything in my power to get my money back. Good Luck to ya. Please keep us posted.
serial #s are the easiest things to fake! Take some pics, I'm sure there will be someone to point out whats wrong with it. $800 bucks. Some sites have some nerve!
thank you for all of your comments. I just got back from the post office to return the bag and am off to Barneys to get the real thing... which I should have done in the first place but thought I could save a couple of bucks.
Sorry you had to learn about it this way! But I am glad that you can return it and use the money towards a real paddy! Congratulations on your purchase!!!
Just checked out their site and of course when prices look too good to be true, they usually are! They say all bags are 100% authentic (like I have never heard that before) so just wanted to know if anyone else had any experience with them? Search the Web

Thanks so much!!!
I agree, if you have to ask, you know the answer, right? Those scumbags who make fake bags are really getting good at it and its getting harder and harder to tell whats real or not.