Are Primp Hoodies Worth The Money??

  1. There is a Primp hoodie that I think is so cute with whales on it..but I was wondering why they are so expensive..I am usually running around in juicy..but Primp is even more than does it wash well??? Any thoughts would be great!! Thanks!
  2. their tshirts and thermals arent that great quality wise, ive seen their hoodies in stores and wasnt that impressed.
  3. Everything I have bought that is Primp has been lousy quality. Their ribbed tanks with animals/crystals on them stretch out wierdly and even though I do not put it in the dryer, it just becomes a wierd shape...IDK. My horse thermal I have worn once and it is just too short and bunches up on the bottom, it just looks funny to me.

    I just bought the new hoodie with the hippos on it and it is going back to Nordies because I washed it on delicate and the seam on the hood separated from the rest of the sweatshirt.

    IMO their products are garbage and I would pay 50% off the retail at most. I think the only reason they are so expensive is because all of the stars are photographed wearing the brand. Just my 2 cents tho ;)
  4. Never owned one, but I'm not too fond of them. I think you could do better for the same price.
  5. I have to disagree. I think primp thermals are really soft and keep me really warm. I am 5'3" only, so they aren't too short on me. They now have longer thermals which I love also. I have the black cameo hoodie and it's pretty thick. I haven't had any problem with their stitching so far. I am pretty happy with their quality. With that said though, I never bought any of them for full price. I got them when I find them on sale online and at the sample sale (for 30 -50% off). I don't know if I would pay full price for them as I think $80 & over $100 is a bit much for thermals and hoodies.
  6. I had one w/ bunnies on it. After washing it several times, the black bunnies turned dark a faded to all heck. Looked horrible. I resorted to wearing it around the house & to walk the dogs until I finally donated it to Goodwill.
  7. nope not worth the money. i own about 7 primp items which i got all on sale. i would never pay full price for them, the quality is not very good for how much they're charging. they are cute though so if you can find them on sale, buy them :biggrin:
  8. I haven't had any problems with my thermals. I'm wearing one right now...I think it's super comfy and warm
  9. I have a couple of Primp thermals and surprisingly, I like them a lot! I haven't had any problems with the quality. I've had my bunny thermal since it first came out & it's still in great condition.
  10. Not anymore, I think they're a little too played out to pay full price for. If you find them on sale and you like them, go for it.
  11. Sure, the thermals keep you warm, etc. but lots of good hoodies for a FRACTION of the price Primp retails for ALSO serve the same purpose and keep you just as warm. On sale, I think it's a bit more reasonable but the retail prices are ridiculous.
  12. Oh I wish I had seen this before, I just purchased a Primp hoodie but I got it at 40% off so the price was quite reasonable.
  13. I love Primp (see the pic lol, there are only a couple of pieces I got after I took the picture, like the whale thermal and butterfly thermal plus the pieces I got for Christmas).
    I've been a faithful Primp fan since they came out (yes, BEFORE stars were seen wearing them) and rarely ever see anyone wearing anything close to them (I'm wearing the red w/Pandas right now and in my avatar). And for Christmas, I got the pink w/pigs jacket and tank top and the clover jacket and am waiting for the pig thermal I ordered.
    These are my go-to comfy cold weather pieces. I wear them all the time so they're a great investment for me.
    Plus, they last a TON of washings/wearings. Definitely not made cheap at all.
    I'm really surprised so many people are so-anti Primp. :confused1:

  14. Rebecca, where do you get them? I think they're adorable too and I could definitely use some cold-weather garb (I'm in MN and the winters are nasty!) but all the pieces I've seen on eBay are obvious fakes. Where can I get proper authentic Primp?
  15. Thanks! It's weird some stores carried them at one point and now they don't. Most came from Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, and a couple from Macy's, Saks and Neiman's. The pink Lollipop jacket came from Revolve Clothing and a couple of the others came from this boutique near me, Tobi Blatt.
    I wish they made more with the one design on the back but after the yellow with the frog and the lavendar with the carousel horse (which I also forgot isn't in my pic), they haven't made any since. They stick to the repeating patterns now.
    There are a couple of eBay sellers who have authentic ones, but Daily Denim and designeroverstocks are the best.