Are prices cheaper in US than in Singapore?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am a newbie to this forum. Are the prices cheaper in the US (eg: ordering through Saks) compared to prices in Singapore? Any ideas what colours are the caviar timeless classic clutch available in Saks and how much would they cost in USD?

    Thank you very much!
  2. Guys-- with all these price increases--
    psl share your info

    Spore or Hk is cheaper?
    Are Hk and US prices the same?
    Us and Europe?? how much difference round about??

    thnx girls!:smile:
  3. Hi.
    I am from Brunei who just tried calling her SA in the States (but she won't be in til after lunch). I just bought a Chanel from her 2 weeks ago and am trying to get another classic after seeing how beautiful it was in Singapore during last weekend. Singapore prices are absolutely ridiculous even after getting tax back! I bought 2 Chanel in HK also earlier this year. The prices are much cheaper in HK than in Singapore, but US is still the best. Especially with the exchange rate.

    Hope this helps. :smile:
  4. From what I know, Hk is cheaper than Spore in general, but please compare prices before you buy, certain designs might just be the same.

    US is cheaper than HK, and I think Paris is cheaper than US.

    Ladies at the forum... am I right? :smile:
  5. Yup I agree with IceEarl
  6. Yes, I agree wi the Iceearl too. So far, Paris is cheapest. Please see thread buying from Galeries Lafayette in the shopping section.
  7. OMG I didn't know Paris had better deals on Chanels!!!

    I MUST GO TO PARIS. If for nothing else than the chanel discount... LOL
  8. Hi tamanna,

    In terms of price, no doubt Paris is the cheapest. The list price in Paris is already less than that in the US or HK or Singapore. For eg, reissue 227 is Euro1890 including tax (which you can get 13% tax refund if you're a non-EU resident). In HK, large reissue is HK$26K. In US, it's US$2850 before adding sales tax. In Singapore, it's S$4.9K+ including tax. So, if you happen to be in Paris / Europe, go grab a Chanel no matter what!! :graucho:

    HK vs. Singapore - HK is cheaper I think in terms of list price. But if you're not a Singapore resident, I think you can get a 7% tax refund. So, I think you will need to do your math beforehand. I read from another thread that medium lambskin price in Singapore is S$4.2-4.3k+. And Matte black reissue in small (225) is S$4460, large 227 is S$4900+ (in HK, large 227 reissue is HK$26,000).

    US vs. HK - I think US is cheaper than in HK in terms of the list price (before US sales tax). But I don't know about the price after adding the sales tax in the US coz HK doesn't have any sales tax. For your reference, a classic jumbo caviar in Hong Kong costs HK$20,000. 2.55 Reissue Size 226 is HK$24,500, and Size 227 is HK$26,000. I think in the US, US$2650 for jumbo classic caviar, US$2695 for Size 226, and US$2850 for Size 227, right? You can multiply the US$ prices by 7.8 to get the HK$ equivalent prices so that you can compare the difference in list price, and then add the corresponding US sales tax to compare.

    Hope this helps!


  9. Exactly. When I was in HK , it was cheaper in HK because of no tax. So i would save a few hundred on each bag.
  10. The price reduction is 16.39 due to detaxation in Paris and not 13%.
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    The HK prices are:

    For your reference, a classic jumbo caviar in Hong Kong costs
    2.55 Reissue Size 226 is HK$24,500, and
    Size 227 is HK$26,000.

    US, US$2650 for jumbo classic caviar, HK $20,670. (this is the only bag more expensive in the US)
    US$2695 for Size 226, and HK $21,021
    US$2850 for Size 227, right? HK $22,230

    This makes US cheaper I think.
  12. I think 16.39% tax deduction is only for ordering through phone? Because if you buy in Paris shops, the tax deduction is 13% net (I'm sure about this because my DH bought my coco puzzle in Paris) because 3% of the 16%+ goes to the Global Tax Refund or Primier Tax Refund organizations (where they charge the vendor for their tax refund services). :smile:
  13. That may be correct but given that there is a difference, one can't generalize that it is 13% cheaper.

    So: If you order by mail/phone, you get 16.39% detax.
    If you buy in person, it is 13%.
  14. List price in the US is definitely cheaper for the reissues than in HK. But then, how much is the sales tax in the US? I think it depends on which State right? Maybe if the sales tax is added, some items will be cheaper in Hong Kong? Really have to do the math before purchasing....:biggrin:
  15. Exactement Zoopla!! Bravo!! :tup: