Are pregnant women REALLY not allowed to dye their hair?

  1. I hear 'no' from some sources, but 'yes' from others.

    (And if no . . . why not?)

    Sidebar: I also heard regular and even decaf coffee is bad for the baby. Can you shed some light on this for me?

    At work the other day, a VERY pregnant customer orders a venti iced coffee. The person on the register really wants to ask, "Um, are you SURE you don't want decaf?" But, of course, you can't do that. So he just said, "Regular or decaf?" She said regular but then she reassured us it wasn't for her.
  2. If I were pregnant, I wouldn't dye or highlight my hair. Why expose yourself (and your baby) to chemicals if you can help it? I might even skip nail polish for the same reason. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I would want to be as safe as possible during this time.
  3. I've heard it was bad for the baby to get your hair dyed. That's why everyone was in an uproar when Britney did it.
  4. It's never been proven to effect the fetus, and some docs will say it's okay while others will say no. It's just generally best to avoid inhaling chemicals.

    And as far as caffene, it's okay in small amounts, the concern is mostly because it raises the heart rate of the fetus in higher amounts.
  5. I have heard also that it isn't wise to color your hair while pregnant. I always had such a craving for salty food when I was pregnant. Sorry off topic.
  6. The general opinion here was that it´s not gonna harm the baby if you dye your hair. My cousin asked 6 different doctors I think before she did it.
  7. I rather just be safe and not do it while pregnant. You never know.
  8. You're not supposed to dye your hair when pregnant during the first trimester. The dye goes into the bloodstream, which eventually reaches the baby. Makes sense. My first child I didnt dye my hair throughout the 9 months. My second, I did at the end. Im pregnant with my 3rd. I've got quite some roots!
  9. There's been no proof that dying your hair whilst pregnant will harm a baby. Also a coffee a day is fine.
  10. wut the..... never heard of that one!:wtf:
  11. They taught us in nursing school not to dye your hair at least in the first trimester. And, skip the coffee. Why take any chances??????
  12. I have 3 teenagers & my OB never said anything about it, niether have any of my friends OB's. I asked & he said no problem, so I died my hair during all three pregnancies. My kids are very healthy & have never had any health issues.I have heard that caffene is fine as long as it's a cup or two a day only.
  13. interesting... good to know...
  14. wow responses r pretty varied..that is cool..n more info for me to potentially absorb..
  15. i actually heard that is was okay from a few different people.