Are Prada still making the nylon Robot totes?


Nov 7, 2010
I loved the Prada Fall 2004 collection and I bought a lot of their ROBOT trick key rings and Prada clothing from that season. I didn't buy the nylon robot tote at the time and have since regretted it. So I keep an eye out on ebay for them. However, I've been holding off buying one of these robot totes on ebay because so far they are very over priced and many seem like fakes. Lately I've noticed that many seem to be updated, featuring the clothes from recent Prada collections, such as the one in the link below, currently being sold on ebay:

I have not ever seen any of these bags in any of the Prada stores in the UK since Fall 2004. So my questions is, does anyone know if these bags have been re-produced by Prada since 2004? Or are these more recent bags fake? I know my Prada, but being based in the UK the stock available can at times be restrictive, so I am just not sure what to think of these bags....

Any ideas?