are portatelefono's popular and what do u put in them?

  1. i never paid much attention to the portatelefono and was wondering if a lot of ppl own them. also, what things do u guys put in them if u own any? i'm just wondering if i'd get good usage out of one if i did get one.

    thanks for ur input!
  2. I have a L'amore Porta. I use it mostly as a camera bag and have taken off the qee and wrist strap. I also put other small electronics, like my earpiece for my cell phone, memory cards, and flash drives in it, too. I occasionally use it as an actual purse/large wallet in itself, but I don't find it too convenient for that.
  3. i have an OP porta, and it holds my nintendo ds lite :smile:
  4. I like the angioletto better since I use it for my DS and it's roomier... honestly I haven't found a use yet for a porta which is why I have yet to own one :hrmm: I'd honestly use a bocce or caramella more often that a portatelefono
  5. I have a Pirata Porta and I use it for my Video Ipod and earphones.
  6. I took the strap off mine and I carry it inside my Mamma Mia for small things, like my USB flash drive, iPhone earbuds, small tube of lotion, hard candies, tampons, and a mirror compact. That's all the small stuff that would usually swim around in the bottom of my purses, and the Porta keeps it more organized...also makes it easier when I change bags frequently.

    I use a Caramella inside my bag much the same way but for flatter stuff, like misc papers, photos, a small notebook, receipts, etc.

  7. I keep my porta in my purse with a digital camera in it. Spare batteries and card in the mesh pocket. Then when on travelling, I sometimes throw my room key, id, credit card, cash and phone in it and use it as a mini purse when running out to quick outings or the beach, etc. Works really well. I have another one I put my iPod/earbuds/charger in when travelling.

    I have to say I have two angioletto's and it like them MUCH better. I use mine as a wallet.
  8. I have a spiaggia porta and I keep my i-phone in it. It is the perfect size. Before I got my phone, I used it as a camera case. If I'm just running into a store quick, I put my credit card/cash in the mesh pocket on the front and hook the strap over my wrist. I kind of wish the little strap on the back wasn't there so the characters would be more visible (I guess it is for hooking it on your belt, which I would never do.) This is probably the Toki I use the most and the one I get the most compliments on. I don't know how popular they are, but they seem to go for below retail on eBay.
  9. I use a porta for an ipod and earbuds. I take off the qee and strap, and I like to clip it on the outside of a bambinone.
  10. i'm currently using my bf's huge 80gig ipod, so i'm using my porta for that. otherwise i use it for the tomtom.
  11. i have two portas
    i usually put my ipod and earbuds in them but sometimes when im in a rush i put my cell phone, some cash, my debit card and id it.
    although it may seem small its really not, you can put alot more items in it than you think...