Are Ponchos In or Out??

  1. Hey ladies (an gents of course)

    Are ponchos going to get another seasonal run?? I am in the process of cleaning out my closet for new fall stuff and have a cape and a poncho that I am questioning on keeping or selling on ebay...

    any comments?
  2. I have to say that the trend was waaay too huge and recent... I think they look a little dated, but that's just my personal experience. Also, what's fashionable varies by geography, so maybe the poncho-thing wasn't done to death in your city!
  3. I never really cared for the ponchos and was never really a fashion statement in this area. So, I don't think it's going to make a comeback here. I would say that it was more of a trend and it won't be coming back, imo.
  4. I think they're over. I did a very quick search on NM's and Nordstrom's websites and found only one - a Burberry at NM.

    I personally never cared for this look - just made me look shapeless and sloppy.

    However, wraps will always be classic, IMO.
  5. Yes I agree I think they were done to Death. I think they are great as a cover up (do you remember when Posh wore hers to cover up her preganancy tummy, and so did Geri Halliwell), but I think the trend for the Poncho in general is thankfully over :smile:
  6. Instyle this month said they are out, but capelets are in.
  7. Ponchos are out but capes are in.... You could get away with wearing a black "structured' poncho....
  8. I may be in the minority here, but I have a great cashmere black poncho - not too large or long, and I will wear again - to me it's like having a cozy blanket wrapped around! In or out - I know I'll wear mine a few times this fall...I would also like to get some kind of capelet though...
  9. Capes and capelets are huge this fall,(think Nicole Richie) but ponchos are out. Personally I think wraps never go out of style though. They have been a classic forever.
  10. What in the world is a cape?? I mean, I know what a cape is...but are people really wearing cape's?? like Count Dracula?? heehee
  11. I wish I had a picture-they are kind of like a poncho,but instead of just draping it over you it has little slits for arms to come through.
  12. I have a vintage embroidered cape that I've worn for 4 seasons and I LOVE it.
    Trendy or not, "in" or "out" I ALWAYS get stopped on the street to ask where it's from.
    I'll take a picture...
  13. [​IMG]

  14. That black outfit is adorable!
  15. In Bazaar Magazine, there is a section called Buy, Keep, Store for fall items. According to them, ponchos fall under the "Store" category.