Are platforms REALLY back in style? How high?

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  1. Im wondering are platforms REALLY back in style? I am rather short so I ALWAYS love the extra height I can get with a higher heel but I dont want to waste my money on a here today - gone tomorrow shoe.

    So what do you think? Should I buy platforms? How high?
  2. i bought my first pair of high end platforms 2-3 years ago and i'm still buying them so i wouldn't even think of them going out of style being an issue. as long as they're "you" and you love them does it really matter? i'm very strict with myself about only buying shoes i love and have been for a couple of years, i don't regret many purchases at all.
  3. i love platforms for the height and added comfort....been buying heels w/like 1/3-1/2 inch platforms since high school!
  4. Yes they are!! I definitely think you should get a pair!! Because even when they go out of style for a year or two they always come back in!!! I love platforms!!
  5. Exactly. They are definitely in right now... next year they might be out, but they always come back.
  6. hot right now. And high as you can manage! Some of the spring/summer ones are totally insane! Some of their platforms have platforms.
  7. I LOVE the extra lift of platforms to elongate my short legs. I had a pair from the early 90s and then gave them away and regretted it.

    I have these now and they're keepers:

    MICHAEL Michael Kors


    Each has about a 1/2" platform in the toe area.
  8. Pursegrrl, I LOVE your Michaels. I saw them on sale a few months back but passed because I thought the price would go down further. On the contrary, they were all gone a week later and I have yet to see another equivalently discounted pair. But I am keeping my eye out.

    I love all of Michael Kors's lines. Too much Project Runway, I think.
  9. Did you decide to get any?! Show us pics!!
  10. Thanks, Jillian! The MK's are great but I have to walk MUCH more slowly ;) .

    I can really tell a difference in the two styles. The Pradas have a little bump in the toe area so your foot doesn't slide forward. My feet do slide in the MK's so I think I'll try those inserts so my toes aren't smooshed at the end of the day.

    Either way, both styles are head turners and I ALWAYS have a great day when I wear my platforms! :wlae:

  11. those prada's are awesome!!! are they comfortable though? i have a pair of prada boots and i don't wear them as much because it cuts circulation in my feet!!! oh. and where did you get those?
  12. Hey there! I got the Pradas through (or it might have been Check out both those sites, because they're now on sale :graucho: .

    Well, I wouldn't shop all day in them, but they are more comfortable than they look. I went up a half size because I have wide feet.

    Which boots did you get...the prada platforms?