Are plaid short skirts too Britney-ish?

  1. I don't know why, but I'm recently so attracted to the whole plaid pleated skirt thing. Is it too school-girlish and totally unsophisticated?
  2. I don't think so, as long as you don't wear your hair in pigtails and carry a lollipop.
  3. hahahahahahaaaaaaa ...that's hilarious. i promise i won't. :P
  4. I wouldn't wear a short one personally, but a wool knee-length one that was more kilt-like than school-uniform like could look good with a jumper and boots in winter.
  5. i think they're very avril levigne wannabe punk
  6. I think a knee-length one with a nice sweater and boots would be cute for the fall. Add a coat & scarf and you have a cute winter outfit.