are pink chanels "over"...?

  1. i found last year's (??) classic flap in pink caviar w/ silver hardware @ a consignment shop (it was in immaculate shape -looked NEW) and snatched it upp, b/c i always regretted not getting it when they were current @ chanel

    BUT, on a recent trip to south coast plaza i mentioned how i loved the pink (because pink is my favorite color, ever...) to my boyfriend and the SA made me feel bad by saying... "pink is soooooo last year" and she went on to tell me how she bought everything pink too, and now she regrets it, because its "out"

    i know i love it and will have it for years to come, but she made me rethink my purchase (which almost NEVER happens when it comes to me and bags!!)

    --- any thoughts ladies?? should i return before its too late? UGH:throwup:
  2. She's crazy, and it's too bad she made you feel that way.

    Pink is beautiful, you should be excited.:yahoo:
  3. No way ! I love pink ! And caviar ? W/ silver hardware ? I'd use it ! I think it's sad that a purse that costs over a grand people will say is "out" in a year or two . IMO Chanel is classic and certain styles are ALWAYS in style ... such as yours .
  4. Definitely not out. There's alwys room for pink!
  5. ^ITA!

    I can't think of a truly 'out' color that Chanel has made, maybe it's not at the top on the list because of all the new flavors they're offering, but it's definitely not 'out'!
  6. While I admit to not caring for the pink cambons, the pink caviar with silver hardware sounds freakin' gorgeous! I personally love the color pink and would carry a bag as classy as that in a heartbeat.
  7. thanx for the affirmation -im glad im not the only one that thinks that its a GREAT bag!!

    i think i totally lucked out, but she just freaked me out the way she talked about it, as if it was a major regret in her life or something, buying all those pink chanel accessories

    o well, i love pink -and i know you all do too!! (i just feel a bit better about it now... :] )
  8. LOL are you kidding? There are Pink chanels that came out for this Fall!!! I know because I bought the limited edition light pink in caviar and gold hardware.
  9. I don't think you could ever go wrong with a pink Chanel.
  10. I saw a pink Cerf at Chanel in SF today and it was so pretty. Chanel is such a classic, you can't go wrong no matter what color. Plus, I love pink. :flowers:
  11. I only wish I could find an immaculate pink Chanel in a consignment shop, pink's still fab ! ;)
  12. I have the same bag that you do and absolutely love it! I admired it for years before getting one! I am a pink bag lover in general! This one is classic and will always be in style. Maybe the SA bought pink because it was "in" and didn't really love pink and now she wishes she didn't buy so much of it. To be honest, it wasn't a very thoughtful thing to say on her part. Besides every year Chanel comes out with pink bags....I guess she doesn't follow her products very well! You have to buy what you love. To can never have too much pink. It is such a happy color! Enjoy your bag and your terrific find!LOL are you kidding?

    "There are Pink chanels that came out for this Fall!!! I know because I bought the limited edition light pink in caviar and gold hardware."

    Do you have a picture of the light pink? Is it different from last year's pink? Thanks! I love light pink....
  13. Pink Chanels are absolutely gorgeous! Maybe the SA was just mad because you didn't get it from them and you got a deal on it. =)

    and with silver hardware too... gorgeous!!
  14. Yeah probably..I bet she was mad she didn't get that deal.
    Pink is ALWAYS in..certain colors may be more popular for the season but they're never "over" or "out" in any capacity.
  15. My thoughts exactly! Pink has always been around...maybe the SA was referring to the discontinued pink cambon? But even that is still nice! :love: