Are people tired of Pochette Metis?


Sep 2, 2006
I know that Pochette Metis is a classic. And I normally dont care what people think, or care about trends. But Im wondering if the Pochette metis is too “mainstream” so people are tired of it? Every season has a “IT bag” that people grow tired of after a couple of seasons. Is this the case with pochette metis? What is your opinion? :flowers:


May 2, 2014
I love this bag. The size, the organization, the outer pocket. My PM bags are most used bags in my collection. I’m thinking to add two more PMs to my collection in the near future. Also, I have a few Coach Cassie bags. The both bags have kind of the same design. I don’t care what people think or will think about my bags in 5-30 years. I know that I love the design and functionality of the bag.


Sep 24, 2018
A year ago the pm was impossible to get but now it is always available online and I see it in stock at the boutique every time I'm in (even in the reverse!)

Maybe people are tired of it, the price is too high or they are finally producing more to meet demand? But I would still buy this bag even if it wasn't hard to get like how people buy neverfulls. The metis is a workhorse !


Jul 28, 2020
When the original monogram was so hard to find, I purchased it and ended up returning it. However, when I saw the empriente in Turtledove, I fell in love instantly! I second guessed it a little since I had returned the monogram, but I truly love this bag! It's so neutral and it's the perfect size for me. I see the monogram on other people and love it! I, too, don't care if it's everywhere or if no one likes it or if everyone likes it. It's what works for me! I hope to get many years out of it.


May 25, 2012
I'm someone who's late to the game on the metis. i didn't get the hype originally and never thought it would be the bag for me. After owning a coach cassie (trial run) I knew I needed to get the metis and did in June. I finally found purse peace and when I sent my bag in for repair I bought one in reverse so I wouldn't have to be without it. I don't see a lot of metis in my area, even if I did, I wouldn't care. It's the perfect bag for me.


Feb 6, 2018
I think it resembles a school satchel and this particular style was very “in” for some time but I feel like trends are changing a bit. Therefore, if you love the Metis I would buy it regardless of trends. But if you don’t love it I would not buy it just because it is the Metis.
I personally am hoping LV will bring out a similar model size wise and practicality wise but more feminine.


IG : balengirl
Aug 24, 2010
Down Under
I bought Mono PM long time ago when they first launch it. After few months of use, I have to return the bag due to glazing issues. Then I bought another one, and ended with the same issue. I have to return it again. I do like the bag so much, I keep on wanting it in my collection. Then mono version became ridiculously hard to find, so I bought empreinte version in navy/red. Somehow I keep worrying about the red glazing, then I sold the bag. Finally, this year I can score another mono PM and I am enjoying it until today. I love PM and I don’t see this bag as a trend. Perfect size for me and I love how it can be dressed up with bandeau. :love:
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