are people still interested in old RM colors?

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  1. I am thinking of getting rid of my navy MAM but unsure whether people still go for plain colors like that. I am way in love with my new matinees (glazed almond, cream, wine) and I would rather have a black MAM than navy for versatility. Thoughts?
  2. I personally :heart: and much prefer older RM colors and hardware!!! I know the Navy is highly coveted, so if you did decide to sell, I am sure you'd do well with it!
  3. cool---thanks for the feedback;) I wasn't sure as I searched past stuff on ebay and didn't see navy at all.
  4. Lots of people are still interested in the old RM colours! I'm sure your Navy would sell. The tassels are still quite popular.
  5. ^^I have seen a few in the past couple of months, and they usually get snatched up very quickly!!! You have a gold mine with that one, so to speak...:tup:
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    I really like the Lilac (I believe that is what it's called) color with silver hardware. I am always on the lookout for it. I missed it the first time around.

    ETA: My apologies. I re-read your post and you were asking about your navy MAM! :shame: Sorry about that!
  7. Navy is definitely one of the MOST coveted older bags. It would sell easily on ebay.
  8. i love the older RM colors...many more than the newer ones!! for ex., i would :heart: to get my hands on a royal blue or emerald Elisha (and the list goes on)...
  9. Funny enough, the reason older RM styles/colors don't pull as many hits as the new ones is because the ones with BIN's get snapped up pretty quickly. It seems like you don't see many on ebay, but it doesn't mean there not there - I've seen many of them go in the first few hours.
  10. Is navy the same as the navy luxe coming out?
  11. ^Nope...

    Here's one:

    At least now Azalea has updated their website to show that they don't have any more RMs in stock -- finally!! Seeing that navy one there, along with that white old-school nikki and the royal Jane tote was such a tease!
  12. No. The previous Navy was a more matte/pebbled leather, and definitely thicker. The new NL is going to be more light weight, and have a slight glaze/glossed finish to them. From the pics, the older navy looks to be a tad darker as well.
  13. I actually prefer the older color for some reason :shrugs:
  14. I like them both, but prefer a more pebbled/thicker leather like the old version.

    VIVA la pebbled leather!