Are people still buying the multicolor speedys?

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  1. Reason why I'm asking is because I've had mine since it first came out and was waitlisted.

    I have always been in love with it and have taken good care of it but now I want a new one with no patina.

    So I'm thinking about selling mine to get a new one. But if no one is buying them anymore and I can't sell it on ebay I don't want to be stuck with two. That would be really stupid.

    So --do people still love white MC Speedy's as much as me or what? Help me? What should I do?
  2. im kinda like that my popincourt has developed a light honey patina..i no longer am in love with it sigh..
  3. what about just changing the straps?
  4. I still looove the MC Speedys, especially the white ones!!
  5. I think the MC got overexposed a few years ago and people just got tired of looking at it........but I think demand will soar again if LV ever decides to discontinue it.
  6. Yeah I thought about it a while ago and I remember an SA saying that it would be like 3 or 4hundred dollars. (that was before the price increase)

    *sigh* I might as well get a new one, considering I could use the money fromlling my old one. KWIM?

    i still love love my speddy don't get me wrong. She comes out every summer and looks great with summer outfits. I just think it would be nice to have a frsh brand new one. They are SO pretty with no patina
  7. Multicolor speedies are not my cup of tea, but they are many other pf´ers! I personally love the patina and if my bag isn´t patinaed I don´t like it as much as a patinaed one.
  8. I would check completed auctions on ebay
  9. They usually go for quite a bit on Ebay, i've watched a lot of auctions and the more well known sellers end up selling them for $1300 - 1500 or more. One in perfectly good condition would probably sell well, and the white seems to be more popular than the black.
  10. Yeah, of course people are still buying them. I was also on the waitlist for them when they came out. I don't carry them AS often because I need a shoulder bag right now, but I still love mine.
    Anyway, there will always be someone who hasn't heard of the line yet or just discovered it (via TPF or other means), so people will definitely still want it. Just because we've known about them for so long doesn't mean everyone else has. I'm sure you'll make a decent amount should you decide to sell. :yes:

  11. Thanks for the motivating words. :yes: i think i will go for it. i just pulled out my reciept and its super old. LOL . Its the old style before they changed it.
  12. i'd love one...are you going to sell it on ebay?
  13. Lol no problem! It'll definitely sell :smile:
    And I know exactly which receipts you mean haha. I liked those ones better than the current ones.
  14. Hello Iluvbags ;)
    you even have the original in your name. I just noticed!

  15. Hey dazlinpearl!! **waves**