Are people so Dumb

  1. Hi everyone, I know that people have got ot learn about Louis Vuitton but when I visit Ebay just for a quick look at LV, I see that people are bidding on a New LV keepall with store bag reciept and it was $900 when they bought it but they are selling it for $200 buy it now. And then you get people asking "is it real"...are they so dumb, to know that nobody in their right mind would pay $900 for a bag and then sell it for $200 buy it now ?. It really is beyond me what these people are thinking. :shrugs:
  2. I don't think people are 'dumb'.
    I think we are uber-smart about fakes and such.

    99% of people have NO idea that there are even counterfeits avaiable, they have NO idea what re-sale should be so the low prices don't tip them off.
  3. Agree...many moons ago when I was new to e-bay and completely naive to how many crooks are out there, I would have probably asked the same thing hoping to get a deal! I would say that I am more of a trusting soul but not dumb!;)
  4. I agree. Just because people don't necessarily know everything there is to know about an LV bag does not mean they are "dumb".
  5. Im sorry I didnt mean to offend anyone with the word dumb
  6. No offense taken Socialite! Just wish there weren't so many crooks out there trying to dupe honest, trusting folks like me!
  7. it's okay, it's how you feel ;)

    I think people get wrapped up on the website and forget what they knew or didn't know prior to becoming more savvy about fakes.

    I joined this year and before that had NO idea the counterfeit market was so bad.
  8. agree with Swanky. Before this forum I would probably have been rocking fake bags from eBay thinking they were real. Some people would love a real LV bag but can't afford the price tag. I am one of them. I save and save so I can get my bags because I want authentic LV. I know there are fakes out there, I see them everywhere. But the quality some of the fakes out there have is unreal. If you aren't looking at them in person you would have no idea they were fake. Also you have people who post REal LV pics and send you a fake. There are all types of crooks out there that just want your money. Dumb may not be the right word, but naive may be. Everyone should join tPF before buying LV from anyplace other than the boutique or eLux IMO
  9. I am astounded by the fakes that they are selling for hundreds of dollars!!! It is really appalling!!
  10. ^^^I agree tPF has been an amazing eye opener.
  11. I read recently that something like 99% of the LV on the market today is counterfeit. With numbers like that, it would be really difficult for people who aren't really into LV to tell real from fake. I think more often than clueless, most people are just...hopeful and trusting.
  12. I totally agree :yes:
  13. Some people think LV is expensive but don't know how much they really cost. KWIM? They might think that LV makes bags that are in the $500 range and not more than $600 or something so they see $200 and think, SCORE!
  14. I just stumbled upon this forum about 1 month ago. I love it here. It is very informative and the people are very nice. Before tpf, I would have thought that I was just getting a good deal. Some people list fakes with a high "buy it now" price but that is not an indicator of authenticity. Now, I am a lot more knowledgeable about fakes.:yes:
  15. I think its a matter of common sense.. there is none :roflmfao: