Are people shocked by your handbag knowledge?

  1. I find it funny, how people get so caught off guard by my handbag knowledge.

    Even SA's get shocked if I call something "Raspberry" instead of pink or "Khaki" instead of just tan. They always ask "How did you know that?"

    or sometimes I will approach another woman to compliment her bag and say "I love your Carly I have one too" and she has no clue what I am saying. I guess some people buy the bag just for the logo and don't even know what they have.

    Does this ever happen to you?
  2. The girls at work laugh at me because sometimes I rattle on about Coach. I like to know what I am in to.
  3. We have every right :smile:

    Men do it with cars and no one questions it lol.
  4. I do it with cars and electronics too. I am well-rounded and eclectic in my areas of interest. :yes:
  5. The SAs at my store love it when I come in and ask to order an item that isn't in the store yet...they're like, "Oooh, look what you found!" :p
  6. If I love something, I learn everything about it and pride myself on being an expert. Yes it does shock people, and others think I'm crazy. But I am who I am!
  7. my friends all think I'm crazy because I can spot a fake from a mile away.
  8. lol my sis and mom are both handbag collectors too but they laugh that i have so much knowledge. they will just say where did u see that? tpf? lol! when i suggested my sis take her swingpack on her honeymoon she didnt even know what i was refering to she just called it her smallest coach bag.
  9. Yeah, all the time. I think sometimes I know more than the SA's. Even some of my male friends will joke around and go so are we going to go hunt for knockoffs today? And now they can tell lol
  10. sometimes they stand there dumbstruck that someone can know so much about something . . . .
  11. Haha, my friend is obsessed with LV and we just go back and forth for hours (literally, its gone on for hours) about LV and Coach. It makes our BFs go absolutely nuts.

    It's weird, cause I don't even know that much compared to most of the other ladies on here. But even when I talk to some of my friends about purses if I see a cute one or something they're fascinated.
  12. Yes, people are really amazed. I now get calls at work by people at work to come look at their Coach bags and tell them if they are real or fake. People tell other people to call me to come have a look. Sadly, they've all been fake. but I've got a reputation among friends, family and co-workers as being able to spot a fake a mile away and they all wonder how I can do it.

    The SA's at my store are usually quite amazed when I rattle style numbers off the top of my head...
  13. When I am in a store I always say they need to give me a commission. People often want to buy what I am carrying or if they ask for advice I tell them my honest opinion of the item which they take as THE Word since I am not getting paid to tell them it is fabulous.
  14. What I love is walking into Coach and asking my SA for something w/ the exact description and price...she always laughs at me.

    And when Hub and I shop I'll point out a fake Coach to him and he'll wink and whisper, "Coach snob." :lol:
  15. I never thought my DH paid attention, but he points out fakes now. I guess he actually does pay attention to my collection.