Are Peep Toe flats comfortable?

  1. I read somewhere along the line that peep top flats are really uncomfortable. I just got back from shopping and saw a pair of Stewart Weitzman peep toe flats that looked so pretty. But comfort is important to me.
  2. i have a pair of Steve Madden peeptoe flats, and they're VERY comfortable
  3. Some women find them uncomfortable... i think it depends on your feet. I personally dont like the look or feel of them on my feet.
  4. I have some great ones--by MIA--soft leather, they don't hurt my feet at all
  5. yeah, I think it depends on the arch of your toes ... I find them comfy but my mom can't stand them!
  6. Gotta try them on. Some peep toes are really pointy that make them uncomfortable
    but I like my Sam Edelman
  7. Thanks so much for the reply, I guess I'll have to try them on and walk around a bit. Since I've posted I've been looking at a lot of shoes online and I'm noticing a lot of the peep toe flats, must be the "in" thing for spring. I hope they work. Some are so cute. Thanks again
  8. I have a morton's toe (the middle is longer than the first) so I almost always find peep toes uncomfortable. I love the trend too. So 40s.
  9. i think it also depends on how open the peep is. I have a pair of stewart weitzman peep toe sling back pumps. The peep opening (sounds so dirty!) is wider and a little more open than other shoes i saw.