Are pearls better with yellow gold or white gold setting?

  1. What's your opinion ladies?
  2. I prefer white gold in general so I'd go for white gold. However I think cream colored pearls would look good with yellow gold. The darker pearls (grey colored) I think look better with white gold. In general, I think cool colors look better in white gold.
  3. I think its your own preference. I like silver color so usually go with white gold instead of yellow gold. I think dark color pearls would go nicely with the lighter white gold.
  4. IMO, it depends on the colour and the overtone of the pearl in question. Cool coloured pearls with cool overtones, tend to look better in white gold/platinum settings, whereas warm colours, with warm overtones, tend to look better when set in yellow gold.

    Therefore, fine white pearls with a pinkish overtone tend to look best when mounted in white gold, or platinum.

    Although generally less valuable, creamy to yellowish pearls can look beautifully rich when mounted in yellow gold.

    Black (or grey) pearls with a pinkish overtone, tend to look better mounted in white gold or platinum; but those with a greenish overtone can look beautiful in either white gold/platinum, or yellow gold.

  5. :yes: to the ladys above. cool pearl tones platinum or white gold. warm overtones yellow gold. ah and brown pearls go fabulously with pink gold :love:
  6. Agree with everyone above. And yes Pink gold looks AMAZING with brownish pearls.
  7. ^^^ agree 100% it all depends on the color of the pearl, even though overall i like white gold more
  8. Couldn't agree with you more are so wise!:yes: