Are patent flaps returning for fall?

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  1. I missed out the first time around on the classic patent flaps :crybaby:Does anybody know if they are returning for fall/and in what colors? Thank you!! :heart:
  2. I hear you... I hope they come back too! :smile: I would love a black patent flap myself!! I heard though that the black patent jumbo (which is supposed to be out for fall) will go up a ridiculous amount... last fall it was $1895, and I believe it will be $2995 this fall! :wtf:
  3. ^^ that's a 60% increase almost...did the SA tell u that??? TIA
  4. I know!! No, but I remember clkgirl55/Jenn mentioning that her SA told her that about the black patent jumbo flap (because she purchased one last fall at the previous price)!

  5. ouch!
  6. wow...haha maybe I shld like LV instead :P
  7. Yup Minal. She said they will be coming back for spring for 2950.00 or 2995.00 :tdown: After I heard that, I decided to never let go of my patent flap.
  8. You're have yourself a Chanel investment Jenn, in the form of a patent Jumbo!! Forget the fickle stock market, you know your investment is going to increase in value for certain, courtesy of Chanel's complete insanity with these price hikes!! :Push: I still can't believe the price will be increasing by that much though... you're lucky to have snagged such a gorgeous flap at a "bargain!" haha :smile:

  9. Sheesh, I know what you're talking about. At this rate, the patent flap will be 4K by 2009. It's ridiculous! The expandable flaps that just came out for spring will be back for fall w/a 300.00 price increase. The modern chain which is now 2225.00 will be 2700ish. I don't even want to think about it right now. :Push:
  10. lucky you girl! haha..I will have a good 'excuse' to get one now or maybe at least this year..haha :heart:
  11. Hey girl! I believe they are! Look at Chanelboy's post in the Chanel Shopping sub-forum. I believe I saw a Patent Classic Flap that is going to be out this coming Fall! I wanted one too, but I believe I can only finance one handbag per season. Poor me. :sad: