Are packages taking a long time from SoCal?

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  1. I bought something off of eBay and she sent it Friday Priority Mail. I'm only in Northern Cal and I would think it would be here by now. Do you think it's because she's in Southern Cal? TIA!
  2. Well, there's a possibility that there are still fires going on in So Cal and there may be road closure issues due to the fires, too. My family lives in the Ventura County area and they said there are still small fires around there. I'm sure your package will arrive soon. Did you get Delivery Confirmation or some sort of tracking number?
  3. I didn't get any tracking info from her. I emailed her yesterday asking what carrier she used and she just said it went out Priority Mail on Friday and that it should come by today which it didn't. Should I email her again or should I wait a few more days?

    P.S: hope your family is doing okay :smile:
  4. If it was supposed to get there today, I'd give it another day or two (that's what I usually do) and then email her in two days if it still hasn't arrived (see if she can track it down). Unfortunately, I always ask/pay for insurance on my pkgs (or a Delivery Confirmation # at least) because my Postal Carriers (I have 4 different ones that deliver to our "community" box) have previously given my pkgs to the wrong mailbox or wrong house. Luckily, I've had my items handed to me from the person who it was accidentally given to but I know my luck will run out one day. :sweatdrop: I hope you don't run into that situation. I hope your pkg arrives tomorrow!

    P.S. Yes, (knock on wood) my family in So. Cal have been able to avoid the fires so far. Thank you!
  5. That's what I figured I would do was give it until friday before I contacted her again. You know, I usually make sure they put DC/Insurance on it and it did not have the option to add insurance when I paid. I stupidly did not ask if it was included. Another thing I did not ask about was seeing if her home was smoke free. I always, always do these 2 things and for some reason I did not ask! I usually have no problems (knock on wood) with any packages coming here...especially so close by. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out for me! I'm SO glad your family is safe too....I felt so bad about those fires. We just had a funky earthquake here last night and it really shook our place here in San Francisco...eeeeks!
  6. Don't beat yourself up. I've done the same once in a while - I just "space out" or something and forget to ask about the smoke-free environment and insurance thing, too. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you! I did hear about the earthquake in northern Cal! I'm glad you're OK! I used to live in So. Cal and got so used to the quakes (aftershocks galor! sometimes I couldn't even tell the aftershocks from the main quakes themselves!) but the large ones are never pleasant! I hope you don't have any more quakes - none that size or larger that is! (The Northridge quake wasn't fun - I lived in Long Beach at that time).

    Hang in there and my fingers and toes are crossed for your package!
  7. I'd like to think so. I won a catalog from a CA seller & it took 10 working days to get to GA AND I paid $10 for shipping.
    Let's pretend the fires do have something to do with it.
  8. Thanks Jessa! I actually got my bag yesterday....she sent it on the 30th instead of the 26th! I would have been fine with it had she just told me! At least it's here :smile: Have a great weekend.
    Gacats...hope you received your catalogue...10.00 is way to much to charge and then take forever to send! Ick!
  9. Don't forget that without tracking and insurance you can still get your money refunded from Paypal if you don't get the item, the seller is the one responsible for that regardless of what they post in their auction or whether you say you will be responsible. They will have to pay you from their own pocket if they weren't smart enough to insist on tracking and insurance. Of course if you really wanted the item that's of no use, but at least you won't be out the $$$s!
  10. Glad to hear you got your shipment, AlohaGirl! Yea, she should've just been honest about the shipment date but maybe she was embarrassed that she forgot to ship! Anyhow, congrats on your new purchase! Hope you have a good weekend as well! :tup: