Are Others Allowed To Copy My Auction Description Word For Word?also Are They Allowed

  1. To Quote The Selling Price Of My Auction And Post Link? Tia!
  2. I Am Quite Upset! If This Seller's Going To Sell The Same Bag, At Least Write Their Own Description!
  3. Absolutely not, this isillegal. Go to help section & you will see where to report this auction immediately
  4. yes you can report. the problem is eBay sometimes will not side with the original seller if the other seller has changed anything. usually you have a better chance of them taking it down if they stole your pictures. but you should still report and especially mention they quote your price and link to the auction.
  5. so is quoting my selling price and link allowed or no? i'm really not too familiar w/ all the eBay rules and regulatioins, but i'm quite pissed that they would do such a thing as to post the link! and the second one uses my words exactly. i would never ever consider doing that, so i'm shocked that others would do such a thing
  6. i don't think so but that i really don't know. i would ask live help.
  7. No, report it.
  8. You cannot post links in auctions - you can report them.

    It's also againt eBay policy to copy anyone's listing. You can report them as well.:yes:
  9. Do you have links so we can see both?

    If he copied the description which you originally wrote, no that is copyright infringement (regardless of whether you register your work).

    If he just copied say...retail price + a coach link, that is OK because it's a fact not your original work.
  10. I thought you could post one link as long as it conformed with Ebay policy.

    However, a link to your listing is not permitted.
  11. ARGH! Copycats piss me off SOOOO MUCH! I've had 2 ppl copy me this month... but not enough for ebay to do anything about it (they made small changes... LIKE WRITING THEIR EBAY NAME ON MY PICS!!! Copied my auction title, starting price, description layout...)

    It's SO frustrating... I take a lot of time and effort to put my auctions together, so for someone to just copy-paste me and write their name all over it is such a disappointment.
  12. I hope you reported it!!
  13. It's easy to report right from the copycat auction; Just scroll down till you see the "report this item" tab. There's a selection for copying your auction.

    Good luck!
  14. report them- this has happened to me also, once it took ebay over a day to take the auction down another time only a few hours- as others said it's really annoying
  15. i reported both incidents, not sure how long it will take for ebay to get back to me...

    and i think this person is a fellow tper, the one that posted my auction, btw, either she changed it or i was hallucinating, she was quoting the price the auction ended and also psted the auction#, so it's no longer a least he/she has the same alias