Are other people critical of your Louis splurges?

  1. I brought a mono speedy 30 and even though it is one of LV's cheaper bags, I've kept it in hiding from my boyfriends family (who I currently live with) and also my friends and family. I only use it when no one is home. I know that if they knew that I had brought something like that, they would think that I was stupid for spending so much money on a bag. Do other people give you a hard time with your LV addiction?
  2. My friend who thinks he knows EVERYTHING about and lives/breathes fashion [:roflmfao: ] tells me "You spent blah blah blah amount on this little thing!?!?!?!?" I then tell him "Well it's my money and I spend it how I want... just like you have your money to buy girl jeans that you think make you look hot..."

    Or when we're talking and someone comes up and starts talking to us, he goes "Hey [insert name]! Check out his new [insert new item name]... how much was it again?" UUUUgh... It's soooo :censor: annoying... So I just say "ummm I can't remember..."
  3. Some yes, some not really because they also appreciate the quality even though they don't buy Louis Vuitton themselves.

    Honestly, the ones that are really vocal about criticism can take a hike as my friend !
  4. Most of my friends are not critical. The ones that do say , " You spent how much on that?" I cant believe you are buying another bag... I just dont even tell them my news or the pricing.. IMO if it makes you happy then go for it. Sure, some people would view it as alot of money on a purse but I work for it and if I want it I am going to get it :graucho:
  5. Some ppl sure make comments on my designer bags every time they recognize something, like LV and Chanel. Then they keep asking how I can afford them :rolleyes: I correspondingly ask how much they waste money on smoking and going out, and they always seem pretty quiet after that. ;)
  6. Sounds like your friend is just jealous.

    I never, ever tell the price of bags because I just think it's so tacky to ask (unless they are asking because they may want one themselves!). I always try to divert the question with "I know, isn't it beautiful? (gush, gush :tender: ). If they keep asking, I keep ignoring the question until they finally get the point.
  7. Ok, EVERYONE is critical of my LV stuff. They all think I spend too much on them. But I buy and sell together so I'm never really spending THAT much, but they don't understand that!!

    It aggravates me soooooo much when people ask how much something was. I think that is so rude and classless!! I don't mind if a friend asked because they were interested in buying one, but don't ask me just because you want to know how much money I spent. Thats just lame.
  8. People are harsh. I have seriously stopped telling people how much my bags are unless I know them.
  9. Fortunately, im surrounded with people that appreciate the good stuff. My mom loves all of my LVs and my bf likes it when im happy about my LV... Most of my girlfriends are LV addicts like me. :P
  10. OMG... You guys would appreciate this... I love my LVs, so brought one of my bags when I went home a while back. And I have been using my epi wallet for the last 5 years, so it is pretty old.

    My sister-in-law then says "Oh! You can really bear to spend so much money on LVs huh? I would never spend that much money on a bag"

    My reply? "Well you spend a few hundred on Coach bags! 2-3 Coach bags can roughly buy you one LV. And the LV keeps the value when you sell it..."

    Her reply? "I would never spend MY money on a LV bag."

    A few days ago, my brother ims me asking me to find a discontinued limited-edition LV wallet for her... :wtf:
  11. I'm sure a lot of people are, noone has ever said anything to my face though.
  12. They know how much it costs but I don't own a car so they can see where I got the $. I don't really care what they think or ask anyway. My $, my bag.
  13. my friends always ask how much a bag set me back. they gasp when i tell them, but then they gasp again when they see the quality of the bag :lol:. they think i'm crazy for spending more than $30 on a bag but then they can see that the value of it is there.
  14. NO (at least not to my face:lol:).
  15. i give them an explanation and comparison.
    i can choose to buy 10 clothes that costs 100$ each, or having them saved for a designer bag & shop nice and unique clothes in thrift store for 5$each and as beautiful as that so-so dress.
    and i honeslty rather spend on bags than clothes or some things as watch (i hardly wear watches)