Are Other Languages As Tricky As English?

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  1. Just for fun made the same sentences in Estonian, expected more similarity as they are very close languages :smile:
    Kuusk põleb.
    Kuusk tuleb (tagasi).
    Kuus põleb.
    Kuus põlevad.
    Kuus tulevad (tagasi).
    Kuu põleb.
    Kuu tuleb (tagasi).
    Kuus tükki.
  2. Yes.
    All languages are made that way.
  3. I agree.
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  4. yes esp Russian and Japanese, I know only a few phrases
  5. Every language in the world may be tricky, if you come to think about it. :smile:
  6. And if you are a baby, every single language in the world is equally easy! :biggrin:
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  7. You are perfectly right there. :smile:
  8. Yeah, very.
  9. tricky
  10. I think Korea is especially difficult. I've been trying to learn it for years and I still can't get pronunciation completely correct even though I'm half Korean...The syllabification is quite tricky because the ending of the previous sound will sometimes travel to the beginning of the next so you need to know when that happens.

    It's really interesting to notice and think about language especially as I studied and have a degree in linguistics. Having studied about 6-7 languages, I found the Latin based languages (Spanish, French, Italian) easiest to learn followed by Japanese.
  11. Anyone who thinks English is hard should take a look at Hungarian.
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  12. I think French is pretty difficult. A lot of the words are not spelled as pronounced. I wonder if a lot of French children struggled with Spelling during their early years.
  13. Every language may be tricky.
    And some are even a lot trickier than English.
  14. I did - and I liked it! :tup:

    jó napot kívánok! :smile:
  15. I’m fluent in Urdu/Hindi (and English of course!) and am learning Turkish right now. The alphabet was hard to pick up (so many dang vowels and uses!) but once I mastered that it’s been relatively easy. I think it helps that Urdu is an amalgamation of many different languages (Arabic, Turkish, Sanskrit, Farsi etc) so the vocabulary overlaps and a lot of words are already familiar to me.

    Living in Texas, Spanish was quite easy to learn. I took it throughout all of middle school and high school, I wouldn’t call myself fluent but know enough to get by, I’m planning on taking a conversational Spanish class again to amp up my fluency
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