Are "orange" & "whiskey" the same?

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  1. Please help. I don't own a Chloe'... yet. This will be my first. I fell in love with an "orange" Paddington shoulder/hobo that I saw in the window of a boutique. I REALLY loved the color of the bag in person but I am starting to think that the shoulder bag is not really my style. After investigating (on the site)... I see the Chloe offers several styles in "whiskey" color.

    Are "orange" and "whiskey" the same. If so, I can just find another style in the "orange" color that I absolutely love.

    On this Paddington is described as "orange."

    Thanks in advance :flowers:
  2. No, orange is one of the new colors this season.
  3. Gotcha... thanks a bunch!!

    Now I'll plow through this season's styles and find an ORANGE bag that I love :heart:
  4. I saw an orange paddy satchel at my Nordies (Walnut creek, CA) a while back, but it was very pretty. Really a stand-out color!
  5. I know I keep repeating myself here, but I love :heart::heart: my shoulder bag, it's so easy to wear! I suggest going to try the various styles on before deciding on your first, that way you can see what fits you best. :yes:
  6. Here's a pic of whiskey for you to refer to.

    I like the orange, it's certainly a stand out colour! Even the whiskey looks pale in comparison, and i loooooove the whiskey!:flowers:

    I don't think you can go wrong with the shoulder bag, or the satchel tbh.:yes:
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