Are open toed shoes for winter?

  1. I've never worn the heels with the open toe hole, but I tried some on and I like them a lot! I'm in New England, and we get snow, freezing, all that...

    You can wear whatever you want-- but I want to know, do you wear those in late fall and in winter? Or are those JUST summer shoes? I have NO idea. I have no clue when is appropriate to wear them. I actually don't see them on anyone! But I know they sell, and I see celebrities wearing them but they're usually in warmer climate. blah blah.. just curious.
  2. I think it depends on the shoe style and whether you intend to wear them for day, or evening.

    I think shoes, or sandals, in a jewel colour, with a slight platform and a chunky, slightly tapered heel can look great with black opaque tights, for Winter evening wear.

    Also, if you're going to a formal event in a long dress, I think it is totally appropriate to wear an open toed shoe, or sandal - as long as you are just making a short hop from the car to the venue.

    I wouldn't advocate trailing around town in the snow and ice in them, of course! :lol:
  3. Peeptoes are just fine for winter wear. I've got several pair, however I'm an OLD lady that prefers to wear hoisery, so I don't have issues with my toes getting cold. Usually peep toes only expose a bit of your toes anyway, so you should be fine. Do you wear d'orsay style shoes? If so, peep toes cover more of your feet than d'orsays.
  4. This should really be in the glass slipper section.

    But, I have recently bought some peep toe shoes and I live in NY. One of the pairs I bought are totatlly appropriate for the fall due the style (black leather wedge). One of the other pairs, I am not so sure about but, that is more to do with the color (burgundy). I plan on wearing my peep toes unless there is snow on the ground or really icey.

    Oh, and like the old lady above said, you can always buy some sheer knee highs or trouser socks to wear with them.
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  6. I wear my peep toe shoes year round. I do live in SoCal though, so we don't really have a winter.
  7. ^^ditto here in Florida. I mean I don't wear espadrilles and Bass sandals during the fall and winter but peep toe, d'orsays etc are for year round in my fashion book
  8. glad someone asked this
    cause i was thinking about it myself, but i said
    hell the YES- I am wearing whatever I want.. as long as it looks good.. do you... i would wear sandals all year long if i could..
    we are now wearing white all year long..... so YOU BETTER WORK GIRL

  9. I lub you Prada! :biggrin:
  10. ;) Backatcha, Honeychile.
  11. i wear my peep toe with tights... living here in Canada, it gets VERY cold!!
    fishnet tights & even those lace-looking tights look nice with plain peep-toe shoes
  12. i wear these michael kors wedges- brown and these charles david black pumps..
    i am thinkin about wearing these green chanels.. what you think
    i am in md.. we are having indian summers right now though.. lol
    Nov11_026.jpg Nov11_070.jpg Nov11_071.jpg Nov11_068.jpg Nov11_067.jpg
  13. I just bought a pair of CL peep toes in an animal print in calf hair. (I'll post pics soon.) I plan on wearing them this winter!
  14. I wear them all year round unless its raining. I live in southern california so its dry here more often than not.
  15. I think for the evening its exceptable or with tights but the best for winter is closed pumps and great boots. Now its November and in the 60s in NYC so i think you can definitely wear it in the better weather but in the cold and and the snow or even rain it can be difficult.