Are older luggage nano bags smaller?

Nov 29, 2016

I bought a 2011 Luggage Nano from the Vestiaire Collective (discussed on a different thread for a different reason). I love the little gal and her lovely Citrine color.

Because it came from the VC, I do not feel that I should question its authenticity, and I know that Celine is no longer authenticated here at tPF. What's weird to me is the size. Luggage Nanos are 8 x 8 x 4. This one is h7.75 x w 7.5x d3.5. I inquired at VC via their chat. The initial response was "We're sorry you don't think it's authentic, we'll send you a return label." I explained that I didn't want a return label, I just wanted to speak with someone about the authentication because maybe there is a perfectly good reason for the discrepancy.

VC said it would be escalated to an email discussion, but they never responded.

Big sigh.

I'm not asking anyone here to authenticate, but I would like to know if you have a very old nano, is it a little smaller than the current bag?

I cut off the tag, so if it is a fake, I'm probably stuck with it. But still, I would like to know what is out there.

Thanks for your help.