Are nude/tan bags worth it?

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  1. As I searched for a new black bag, I (of course) got sidetracked into looking at this cute tan colored satchel. It's from a brand I trust and decently priced (on sale w/ a 20% off coupon on top of that) but my issue is the color. It's a very light creamy tan. :S All the bags I've ever owned have been dark colors. I'm worried it'll get disgusting even if I'm careful. What do you think, are lighter colored bags worth their hassle? Should I buy it?

    (The bag: I know, I know it's not the normal designer bag but Sabina has been good to me, the quality is impeccable for the price and I'm in college-so I can't afford Chanel. Though I wish I could!)
  2. the bag looks too "busy" cuz of all the straps and buckles and handles...
    it might look better if its in darker colors
  3. Really? I would think the light color would balance out the excess hardware. I'm a fan of hardware though, I don't like bags that are too "plain". :S
  4. It looks fantastic!! the leather looks nice and thick. I'd say go for the tan. Nude colors are in for spring 2010. It looks really good...hmm... I would buy it too! :smile:
  5. From my experience with the bags from this brand the leather is VERY thick and rich. It smells amazing when you first take it out of the box (and for about the first couple weeks too). I love the color-I'm just worried about color transfer I suppose. I have a lot of darkwash jeans and wear black often. :S But the extra 20% off is incredibly tempting...

    Even if I do get it I have to wait for Thursday (payday) to get it. Ugh.
  6. I have a tan bag and it's surprisingly easy to keep clean- it doesn't get dirty as easily as I thought it would, and it cleans right up with babywipes. I haven't had any issues with color transfer, but though I largely live in darks/blacks, not much of what I have has ever bled onto anything, so I can't help there.

    I love the bag, though! Go for it!
  7. I say go for another color. The bag has lots attached to it, the straps and buckles. going for a darker color will hone the look, given that the bag looks too busy with the straps. :smile:
  8. I love the color, not too crazy about the bag itself
  9. I think if you protect it with a stain/rain repellent you should be fine. There are quite a few on the market, the one I like is by Appleguard (it's a spray). If you do a search, you will find a quite a bit about protecting you bag.

    Love a nude/tan bag, it goes with everything! And regardless of the brand, if you like it and it is functional for you, I say go for it! :smile:
  10. Nude/Tan/Beige bags are definitely worth it. I think it's a classic color by whatever name you call it and it looks like a very rich color when worn with clothing of the same color.

    I recently saw a blonde woman on TV that had on that color shoes, stockings and dress and even her lipstick - all the same Nude color (although the color "Nude" does depend on your complexion ;)) I would have thought as a blonde she would look washed out in that color........on the contrary, she looked so put together and elegant and sleek. I think it's a great color, especially for spring.
  11. I think it's a really nice bag and looks good in Tan - but I agree that the colour is not the most practical.

    The chocolate brown would be a far more practical choice, IMO and is also a lovely colour. :smile:
  12. I love a tan bag, however, I still manage to get them dirty. I use appleguard, rain repellant and I am very careful with my bags, but tan will pick up dirt. since this one is long it looks like it could easily rub against jeans. It's a cute bag, just be prepared to have it get dirty. Some leathers clean up better than others. Depends on how porous the leather is and if it had been treated when manufactured.
  13. I really like it! I love tan bags - they look great with absolutely everything, and they go from season to season. I have several lighter color bags, and I have not had any trouble. Tan will not show dirt as easily as an ivory or white bag. Treating with a leather protectant like AppleGuarde will help. I say go for it!
  14. i have a tan colored canvas and leather one from Bree.. and the dirt does show on mine:/

    I find the one you have selected a bit busy i must say:wondering
  15. I think it's a beautiful bag and not too busy at all! But that said, personally I would not go for this light of a color, to easy to get dirty.

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