Are NM Designer Bag Sales Really a Glitch?

  1. Being snowbound, I've been tooling around NM's website the past two days and have noticed that the same bags are repeatedly up and down. For example, Prada nylon tote has been listed at least 4 times, MJ Trish at least 3, Chloe Edith Tall Satchel (which I've tried ordering 5 times and every time it was cancelled) has been listed 6 times. Can these really all be returns? It almost seems like the website is continually adding and subtracting the same bags.

    Some of the bags are one offs and seem real - Chloe Flap Satchel went up and down (and I think someone on the forum said this was because they cancelled it).

    I'm beginning to feel I'm part of an experiment and NM is trying to see how many times I'll order the same bag LOL :smile:
  2. i honestly think that they are either returns or they may just get one in stock or something weird like that. I was the one who cancelled the Edith flap satchel, But I also placed an order for the Edith Bowler. It's weird but who knows how their inventory system works.
  3. It restores my faith in retail to hear you were able to get a bag from NM's sales :smile: Lucky you on the bowler!

    It's just weird that the some the same bags have come up and down 6 or so times within a day or so. . . .
  4. OMG..ure so great to try 5 times!i'd be pissed before then.LOL!
    maybe if u keep trying, NM would feel pity about u and gve it to u..
    i hope..hehe...
    but i heard a lot of ppl get the same problem as u..

    just like saythis said, maybe some ppl return or cancel the order..
  5. LOL. Seriously! You would think when the bag came back, they'd remember my 5 outstanding attempts in the same day and just ship it to me! :smile:
  6. I think it's amatter of the shopping bags and purchases not a matter of physical returns.
  7. I ordered a Silverado at about 3am and so far the order has not been cancelled. I will let you all know either way if I get it or if it gets cancelled.
  8. i ordered the trish at 11pm last night and so far so good!
  9. I've orderd and received a couple of the sale bags... Chloe's to be exact. When they arrived they were in perfect order... so it's hard to say. But the fact that things pop up and off and this is a continuous cycle, I indeed think they are returns. I know I return alot.

    Also, I remember calling BG to find out why my cc wasn't credited by 2/26 when they had received it on 2/9 and they told me (on 2/26) that they were still working on 2/1's returns. So this is why I do think they are returns, I think they're very slow in processing both the shipments and returns. Anyway... just wanted to give my thoughts.
  10. I don't know how it works, but I've gotten Chloe, Bulga, Botkier, Hogan, Be&D, Celine, etc. bags from both NM and BG at like 25% of the original cost. I've purchased about $7,000 worth of bags in the past few months and paid only about $1,800 in total. Sometimes my orders get canceled, but I just figure someone was a little quicker than me. I don't even bother with the 40% or 50% off ones. I go for 69% off or better. They are few and far between though. I have several pages bookmarked that I check a few times a day. I guess sometimes they are returns and other times they just have a few bags left over from a past season.
  11. I just got a confirmation that the Silverado hobo shipped today. :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. congrats!! another deal went through!!!!
  13. NM sales are such a shot in the dark. I keep going back though!! HAHA.

    I have received 2 Botkiers and 1 Kooba. I missed out on quite a few others, but I decided they just weren't meant to be.

    If my orders did not go through, I was able to know it almost instantly by checking my account history and viewing the order. I have never had one that was "in process" be cancelled. Same thing with BG.

    You have to be Quickdraw McGraw to get a deal. I make sure that I have already logged in (my NM card info is stored) so I am ready to purchase ASAP.

    I also keep using Spring7 for free shipping and it works fine (as of yesterday.)
  14. :yes: :roflmfao: Quick Draw Mcgraw!! I was just saying that on Friday when i finally got an Edith bowler. I ordered the flap satchel just because! didn't need it. didn't want it. but just because I could get in in my cart and feel the sweet victory of an actual order placed with NM!
  15. I've ordered about 30 different bags between BG and NM and had only once cancellation. They process returns really slowly, but that's my only complaint. I can tolerate that for the excellent prices. Their online chat customer service has also been excellent.