Are nice pens passe?

  1. You guys have inspired me to promote my nice pens to my purse. Instead of my desk. :smile:

    Now I have been carrying fun colored gel pens, but I should also bring a real nice pen too. :smile:

    And keep the fun gels as a backup for people who need to borrow a pen.
  2. I have a Mont Blanc which I transfer to each bag I use - and I never, ever let anyone else use it!
  3. I have a Cartier Santos ballpoint that I bought when I finished my teaching program. I wish I picked up a love bracelet then, too, before all these price hikes. lol
  4. Me too. I am very superstitious with my pen. I won't sign documents without it.

    I actually have two -- one as backup. Last year I stupidly left my pen on my desk and someone walked off with it. I was SO angry. I worked on a floor with about 100 people so who knows where it went. I had to go to the Montblanc store and buy a new one immediately.
  5. I have a Swarowski pen (I got it on a flight to Chicago a couple of months ago, lol!) it broke today!

    I would love a Montblanc but my love for handbags will always prevail!
  6. My husband uses Mountblanc fountain pens exclusively, they are nice but I don't like fountain pens myself.

    I love collecting pens, but I like the quirky give-away/souvenir/weirder-the-better kinds and have about 40 with probably a total value of $75. I enjoy using them and don't have to worry about loss/theft because they aren't worth much.

    My ex-boss gave me a gold-plated Cross pen (not engraved) for my company anniversary and my husband bought me a Fisher Space Pen that was I think around $35 but they are my only good ones. I carry the space pen in my handbag (good for grocery shopping because I can cross stuff off my list at any angle!).
  7. No fancy pens here - I just use whatever is available nearest to me. I used to use a fancy fountain pen when I was in high school and into my undergrad university days.
  8. I have a Montblanc Monte Rosa, Lamy Safari, there are many choices from $30-$3000 depending on what you want. I'm on the Fountain Pen Forum as well!
  9. I love my Cross pens, but I've actually lost more than I currently have.
    I also used to have Waterman pens, but I've lost those as well.
  10. 1. No :shame:

    I just carry a regular blue pen to use when I sign for things (always have one in my bag anyway as I use a paper diary). Not a big loss then if I lose it. I don't think it's considered particularly important nowadays, I wouldn't judge someone on their pen. But having a nice pen isn't a bad thing! Whatever floats your boat :smile:
  11. Totally a pen freak!!
    Can not stand cheap papermate pens. Cross still my fav.
    You can find them really cheap at Office Depot or TJMaxx since so few people use them anymore.
  12. I have a Montblanc Princess Grace of Monaco ballpoint that I carry everywhere. I love it!

    And because I've nearly lost my Starwalker, I now carry my current pen in a Montblanc hard-sided pen pouch-- it gives it more substance so I don't have to worry about it falling out of my handbag, and it's harder to misplace.
  13. I think I was the only 7th grader using a Parker Jotter to do his writing assignments. I then started using Parker Vectors and over the years used Cross and Shaeffer. To me, Mont Blanc was more image. Some of their $200+ pens are made out of resin (ie plastic). For that much, I better get metal barrels.
  14. I have some novelty japanese pens but I don't like using them to write with just to look at! In high school, I used to have a few different fancy fountain pens to take notes with. Now I teach but mostly little ones so the chalk and marker are my tools of trade!
  15. I have a Montblanc pen I don't use too often. It was gifted to me when I got my big promotion. It's too big to use it...
    And I carry a Cartier small pen in my agenda. This one is sed every day.
    Also I have a tiny Tiffany pen in my make up case. Just in case. ;)